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Matcha Super Food


Got Matcha's mission has been to bring to the marketplace only the highest quality
Matcha and Matcha products.  To that end, our Protein Bars, our New Matcha Veggie
Burgers, and the Protein Meal bring only the finest in ingredients and organic Matcha
to you.  They truly deliver a PURE form of energy, health and wellness.


SHIPPING IS NOW FREE ON ALL ORDERS OVER $100.00* (U.S. Customers only)
(yes...that includes the bars and the veggie burgers!)

Shipping will continue to be free on all tea orders, regardless of dollar amount, however
for orders under 100.00 there will continue to be shipping charges on the protein bars, the
matcha veggie burger and accessories.  But...once you hit 100.00, everything will ship


3975-matcha-choc6-12otg-420-1.png   Please Click Here to Order our newly re-packaged Protein Meal


VIP Members now receive 10% discount on all Got Matcha Superfood products  Click here to read testimonials

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Got Matcha - "The Elixer Of The Immortals"™

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