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Save 10%



Got Matcha’s VIP Program was created to save our loyal customers an extra 10%!

As a VIP Member Save an Extra 10%
on all of Got Matcha’s teas & tea products.

2 Ways to become a VIP Member:

1.  Make An Initial Purchase of $100.00

Spend $100.00 at any given time and get automatically upgraded to VIP Status, and Save 10% on ALL future orders as well as FREE SHIPPING (Free shipping applies to U.S. Customers only). It is that simple.

Please allow 48 hours to allow for your account to be upgraded. Once this is done, you will receive a Welcome Email. After that, everytime you log into your account, the adjusted VIP pricing will automatically be shown.

(Please note: All prior members are now a part of our VIP Program.)

2.  Spend 125.00 Cumulatively

Spend 125.00 cumulatively, over any period of time, and get upgraded to VIP. 

*Since we do not have a way to individually monitor cumulative totals of our customers, you will need to keep track of your purchases and their invoice numbers.  When you reach 125.00, just email us with the order numbers and we will happily upgrade you!



Got Matcha - "The Elixer Of The Immortals"™

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