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Matcha Berry Lemonade




Matcha Berry Lemonade Energy Drink!




Start your summer with a zing .....


in your step by trying a summer favorite, our New Formulated Matcha Berry Lemonade Energy Drink. Truly the most refreshing and cooling matcha blend that we make...packed with good energy! The fresh Berry and lemon zest flavors taste amazing blended with ice and coconut water and/or almond milk. The benefits of lemon, and all of the super fruits and super berries along with our organic matcha green tea .... work synergistically together to help the body trim down, energize, alkaline and cleanse. .... not to mention the great energy.

Cleansing tip: Drinking matcha throughout the day is one of those hidden health gems that people don't always think about. The benefits of Matcha green tea and weight management are experienced fully when the body consumes it 60-30 minutes before meals and 30+ minutes after a meal...aids in digestion, appetite control, cleansing and managing stress levels internally. Plus, if you are one that is apprehensive to follow a long extreme juice cleanse on water with lemon, then this matcha green tea blend is ideal for you! You can still experience the cleansing, weight management and matcha benefits of this energizing "cocktail" combined with a healthy alkaline diet and moderate exercise. I simply add 2-3 servings of the Matcha Berry Lemonade Energy Drink to a 32 oz. shaker cup filled with ice and water or coconut water, shake and sip on it throughout the day.

Let's discuss the amazing superfoods in this blend...

Organic Matcha Green Tea...

Matcha is one of nature's best AIDS to weight management. Numerous studies have been done over the past couple of years now concerning the matcha weight loss benefits of drinking green tea; especially matcha:


Lemon is another gift from nature that has been known for its ability to aid in digestion and even bad breathe because it can destroy bacteria in the intestines and the mouth. The benefits of lemon can influence natural weight loss due to its high citric acid content. This citric acid present in lemon peel improves the conversion of stored fat and improves circulation.

Superfood List of Berries...

We use the most powerful and antioxidant-rich superfoods berries available today including pomegranate, acai, goji, cranberries, tart cherry and maqui Berry.

l  Acai is rich in minerals and omega 3's; is anti-inflammatory and even helps the body reduce acidity and therefore deals with fat cells optimally

l  Goji Berry strengthens the liver, immune system, circulation and overall health.

l  Pomegranate is not only rich in minerals but is high in antioxidants and helps the body fight free radicals. It's high fiber properties assist the body with digestion and elimination.

l  Cranberries are rich in antioxidants, minerals and amigos making them a seasonal staple food for keepin your immune system strong. Also great for heart and urinary track health.

l  Strawberries help to boost the collagen in your skin thus keeping your skin youthful while also slowing down the development of wrinkles.

l  Sour Cherry or Tart Cherry have been used for inflammation, specifically gout; reduces chances of diabetes; facilitates weight loss and helps reduce abdominal fat. Always remember that inflammation creates acidity and when you have inflammation in the digestive system, that create more fat storage so super fruits are vital because they are able to help break up fat storage!

How to use this tea for weight management and digestive support ... not to mention just pure raw energy!

Matcha Berry Lemonade can be drunk hot if desired by mixing with milk and water and then heated. However, what we have found to the the most effective way to incorporate it into your weight loss regime is to add about 1 Tbsp of the tea blend per 12-16 ounces of water or coconut water and drink throughout the day. Make sure to drink at least 2-3 ounces every 1-2 hours to increase your metabolism and keep your hunger controlled!


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Got Matcha - "The Elixer Of The Immortals"™

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