Matcha Chaga Superfood Protein Bar


Now packaged as (1) bar per package with a full serving of Matcha & Chaga per package, with the same flavor (chocolate truffle) as our prior bar.  Our new bar now includes more Matcha, and with the addition of Chaga, King of the Mushrooms, delivering more energy, endurance, and healing power to the body


Got Matcha’s Matcha Chaga Superfood Bar is the most functional meal on the planet! Containing Sacha Inchi Seed, the most absorbable vegan complete-protein is just one piece of this incredible product. These bars were created with the intention of feeding, healing energizing and balancing the entire body on every level. We believe that the healthiest trend today understands the importance of focusing the diet on these powerful superfood ingredients. It is not enough to just eat organic any longer. Health and vitality is built on the nutrients we have or don’t have in our body. This is the fuel behind our Matcha Chaga Bars…To create a complete whole-food plant-based bar that could sustain not only life but increase life and its quality. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients from Matcha, powerful compounds exclusively found in Chaga Mushroom, Sacha Inchi and Chlorella; this product is your safety-net for everything missing in the food today.

Before I explore the amazing ingredients in this superfood bar I want to emphasize one thing, this is a Whole Food! Unfortunately the largest percentage of the modern diet comes from food laden with chemicals and preservatives; extracted sugars; extracted hydrolyzed protein; de-fatted foods; soy products and chemical flavor enhancers and binders. All ingredients that the body can’t even recognize or digest. No matter what your diet philosophy is, the one thing we all have in common is that we need the largest majority of our diet to come from whole foods in their most natural states with all of the nutrients intact and bioavailable. 


Ok let’s talk ingredients in this bar…


What makes our Matcha the finest in the world? Location, soil and the generations of experience of our tea sommelier and farmers. Matcha is only as good as the soil it is grown in, and our Matcha is grown on a small volcanic Island in the south of Japan, rich in minerals and volcanic ash: producing a superior Matcha in both taste and L-Theanine content. L-Theanine is the magic behind Matcha. The higher the content of L-theanine in matcha, the more potent and greater the benefits are to the body. Our Matcha contains up to 3x more Theanine compared to most matcha in the world plus it is Certified Organic.

Ceremonial Organic Matcha has been consumed for over 800 years. It was the ceremonial drink revered by the Samurai Warrior and used just before battle. Matcha has been used and studied for Increases Endurance; Mental Clarity; Enhanced Metabolism; Weight Management; Boosting Immune system; stress management and Matcha is a powerful adaptogen used throughout the body.


Just because a product has 20 grams of processed soy or whey protein does not mean that your body is absorbing and utilizing it all. An extracted protein that has been overly processed, heated and combined with sugar can have an acidic affect on the body. Too much acidity causes the body to produce fat cells to absorb the acidity so that it does not harm the body. Hence the protein grams in a bar is not what’s important, it is the source of protein!

Sacha Inchi Protein comes from the seeds in the Sacha fruit, directly from a family farm in Peru. Sacha Inchi is an easily digested complete protein packed with healthy fats and has been used for hundreds of years by the natives in the Amazon for endurance, satiety and nutritional balance… this PLANT-BASED whole food protein adds the most delicious peanut-like flavor to our protein meal!

CRACKED WALL CHLORELLA is the easiest and most absorbable form of chlorella and one of the best sources of chlorophyll in the body. It’s like you are cheating with our bar from having to eat your salad at a meal because you will receive more chlorophyll from one bar than you would get from a traditional romaine salad. Chlorella is also a complete protein containing all essential amino acids. Did you know that foods rich in chlorophyll are some of the highest energy foods on the planet making Matcha and Chlorophyll some of the highest MHZ foods on the planet!


Chaga is the king of medicinal mushrooms. Found in the frozen birch forests of US, Canada and Russia, it has been used for thousands of years by the natives to survive their brutal winters. It is a super-powered antioxidant and the combination of Matcha green tea and Chaga is the union of nature’s greatest adaptogens. Their power fuels your workout and accelerates your healing process…


Chaga helps your body achieve inner harmony. It can boost your immune system, help regulate digestive issues, balance hormones to relieve stress, promote lustrous skin and hair and imbue you with focus, energy and vitality. The mushroom is hard as a rock and indigestible however, only the best process can unlock everything the amazing Chaga has to offer.  Chagit wild-harvests their mushrooms only from Alaska and their quadruple extraction process harnesses the power of the mushroom with immediate bio-availability. Got Matcha’s gentle blending of Chagit’s True Chaga Power Extraction with its Organic Ceremonial Matcha is truly a synergy of wellness.

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