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Matcha Creamer (340g) 30 Servings

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Matcha Creamer.  340g, 34 servings at 7-10 grams per serving per package.  

Got Matcha has done it again…Created Matcha Magic! Our R&D team has taken an every day household product that is normally created from chemicals and is destructive to the body; and created a powerful delicious product to be loved by all! Introducing Matcha Creamer!

We only create products with a purpose, and we always find a way to create whole-food super-blends that are phenomenal! Pre-packaged coffee creamers are a universal product found in most restaurants, coffee shops and in kitchen cabinets. These pre-packaged creamers aren’t even recognizable to the body as food because they are pure chemicals. Who doesn’t enjoy a hint of sweet creaminess in their hot tea or coffee? Got Matcha has taken the guilt out of that sweet pleasure and give you our Matcha Creamer that is not only creamy, with a hint of sweet vanilla, and dissolves seamlessly, but it is also a trending superfood!

Over 50% of our creamer is made from Powdered Coconut Cream. The amazing thing about coconut cream is that over 70% is naturally comprised of MCT’s. MCT’s are simply Medium Chain Triglycerides, which have numerous health benefits. Your body actually burns these health MCT oils faster than other fats and rather than being stored as fat, your body converts it immediately into fuel which the body and muscles use for energy! Not only do MCT oils help the waistline and energy levels but also they contain Lauric acid which is rare in foods and is amazing to fight the harmful bacteria in your gut along with viruses through out the body. Our coconut cream powder is the BEST wholefood source of MCT oils in the world!

Please enjoy this matcha cream in your hot drinks, add to blended shakes or even sprinkle over coconut ice cream! This product is revolutionary and will become the new household staple. Cheers!



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