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Matcha Production

Matcha Production





The Blending

The blending of our organic harvested is carefully conducted by our tea sommeliers to produce consistent flavor and color for our organic Matcha. The tea leaves of the organic Matcha harvest, which are picked during the short window of time that organic Matcha is harvested, are then blended together. Our Matcha has resilient spring green color, unfolds delicately in the mouth, and the flavor is robust yet mild and sweet.

The last step and the most important step in Matcha production is the grinding process. The grinding process is conducted in a clean room in where the temperature and humidity is closely monitored and controlled as the industrial filters keep the air clean, eliminating bacteria and germs in the air. The average particle size of Matcha powder is only 5-10 microns small. This is so fine (finer than baby powder!) that the powder practically melts in your mouth.

Each stone mill only grinds up to 30-40g (approx. 1 oz) per hour, which is basically the amount of our small 40gram size of organic Matcha. Even with all the technology today, the granite stone mill is still the best way to grind Matcha from the delicate Tencha tea leaves, because only granite can preserve the color, flavor, and the nutritional components of the tea to its upmost quality.

Granite Stone Grinder



Not all Matcha is processed in the old-world style.  Some tencha leaves are ground in high powered, heat generating mixers or blenders, but the true way to create Matcha is with the granite grinder.

Made of stone, the granite grinder is able to grind the tencha leaves to a very fine powder.  As the organic Matcha leaves are harvested, they are initially dried and then stored in air-lock containers, waiting for the time to complete production. Production of our Matcha is done as the supply is needed, thus maintaining freshness of the original harvest until final processing is needed.

Got Matcha - "The Elixer Of The Immortals"™

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