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Introducing Matcha Cafe Mocha !

Dreaming of escaping to a French café and sipping a delicious cup of café au lait as you gaze at the Eiffel Tower and enjoy the creamy Mocha flavor in your cup? Welcome to le Café Matcha! 

Sometimes dreams DO come true. Imagine if you could have your coffee cake and drink it too. Now you can thanks to Got Matcha’s delicious blend… Café Mocha.

****Contains No COFFEE in this! Only a wonderful "Mocha" flavor profile

Our Matcha Cafe Mocha is VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE. Perhaps you’ve already given up coffee and miss that heavenly aroma of freshly brewed beans in the morning, or maybe the idea of giving up your morning cup o’ Joe is horrifying despite the fact that you know it would be better for your health. You may already be a convert to the wonderful world of Matcha, but, let’s face it, while the health benefits of Matcha put coffee to shame and the Matcha blends are indeed delicious, nothing can replace that authentic coffee taste. Until now, that is. Got Matcha has managed to combine the flavor of coffee with the health benefits of Matcha. Got Matcha’s signature blend of chicory, barley, cinnamon, carob and select spices create a subtle mocha flavor with an energy and antioxidant boost à la Matcha. Got Matcha’s Café Mocha not only provides long-lasting energy, but it also aids digestion and cleanses the body of toxins naturally. 

Here are some of the many amazing health benefits of this new treat. You may feel like you’re indulging, but this is the healthiest indulgence around…

Coconut Sugar: Coconut Palm Sugar is naturally low on the Glycemic Index (GI), which is important to those who are concerned about weight control and diabetes. Coconut Palm Sugar is rated on the glycemic index at 35, whereas honey is 55 and typical cane sugar is 68.  The low glycemic index of coconut sap sugar is especially helpful as a healthier alternative to those who are pre-diabetic and/or diabetic; unlike all sugar cane based sweeteners (refined white sugar, brown sugar, muscovado sugar, turbinado sugar, demarara sugar, sucanant sugar, molasses and dehydrated cane juice sweeteners) --- all of which have a high glycemic index rating between 65 to 100 per serving!

Coconut Palm Sugar also has a nutritional content far richer than any other commercially available sweetener. It is particularly high in Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron. It is also a natural source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. 

Matcha: Increases thermogenesis in the body, becoming a potent appetite suppressant and increasing fat oxidation. This in turn helps the body to use fat as an energy source. 

Japanese researchers have found that green tea consumption can lead to lower mortality rates in humans. Protects against heart disease; among which would be: vasculoprotective, antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering.Recent evidence suggests that drinking green tea can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes!Helps to minimize neurological conditions Lowers Blood Pressure and Hypertension 

Cacao: ground up raw cacao beans are considered a superfood that is nutritious, rich in antioxidants, minerals such as iron, vitamins, and even 6 mg of protein per ounce! So, the takeaway is that if you eat dark chocolate in its natural state, there is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.

Carob: Good source of protein, fiber and pectin which is good for heart health. High in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B, B2, Be and D. Also is a good aid for nausea and an upset stomach. Also is hypoglycemic, helpful for diabetics

Chicory Root: A popular herb that is used as a caffeine-free replacement for the flavor of coffee. Chicory root has been around for centuries...Ancient Romans used the herb to help cleanse the blood. Egyptians consumed chicory root to help purify the liver and the blood. 

Chicory helps digestion in 2 ways...Helps increase bile production during digestion which helps to break down fats, making it very helpful for liver and gallbladder health. Also chicory root is one of the richest plant sources of inulin, a soluble fiber which actually feeds the healthy flora in the intestines and enhances digestion.

Also a great source of antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory and even has anti-fungal properties.

Barley Root Grass: Another powerful plant used for centuries by the Greeks for abdominal issues and inflammation. It is high in over 70 minerals, amino acids, rich in B vitamins (including B12) and other vitamins. Barley is detoxifying, healing, protects the body against carcinogens. Barley Root Grass has NO GLUTEN. Barley flour does, but not Barley Grass. So rest assured, our tea is GLUTEN FREE. According to Livestrong, “barley grass is the only vegetation on earth that can actually supply nutritional support for any age individual. It has all the nutrients our bodies will ever need.”

Dandelion Root: Has been used to support the liver, increase energy and health and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.Improves bile production which stimulates the digestion of fats while also transporting toxins out of the body.

Beet Root: Linked to improved heart health, increased energy and stamina, lower blood pressure and improved blood flow. Romans used it for constipation, skin problems, fever and other ailments. Also rich in potassium, iron, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, protein and other minerals.

Anise: Has antiviral properties, boosts immune system, is anti-fungal (great for Candida) and high in antioxidants.For an authentic Café au lait experience, warm some almond, hazelnut or oat milk in a saucepan over the stove and let warm slowly. Add 2 teaspoons – 1 tablespoon of your Café Mocha powder and stir. Pour into a mug and sip slowly as you close your eyes and imagine yourself back in that French café indulging in a warm, comforting Mocha latté without a

Favorite ways to enjoy…Try heating or frothing 8-10oz non-dairy milk and whisk in 1 heaping Tbsp of Matcha Mocha.

For an ice blended mocha add milk and matcha blend to a blender with 1/4 cup ice…enjoy!