Organic Matcha CARAMEL-APPLE

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Introducing Matcha Caramel-Apple; our "sweet tea".

Got Matcha's Caramel Apple tea is not only flavorful and soothing but rich in superfoods and healing properties. Picture smooth caramel smothered over a light crisp apple…now you know how this blend tastes.  Through our combination of ingredients we have captured the rich caramel flavor with a subtle but fruity taste of apple.

Let’s get to know a bit more about the stars of this blend…Matcha, apple and coconut palm sugar.  You will be surprised to learn that Matcha and apple powder have many similar health-contributing properties.

The numerous health benefits of this tea… 

Apple powder (dried apple) contains pectin which is found in the apple skin and has many tested health benefits including gentle cleansing, natural weight management and much more.

Apple Powder…1. Can help protect against inflammatory bowel disease including Crohn’s and IBS symptoms.2. May help lower cardiovascular disease risk by helping to reduce cholesterol, specifically LDL levels.3. A rich source of antioxidants4. Helps with weight management and natural weight loss.When the fiber binds with water in your colon it creates a gel-like substance that helps with constipation and cleansing.Apple powder may help to protect against colon cancer. “A study published in April 2008 in "Nutrition" found that apple pectin led to the formation of butyrate by the intestinal flora. Butyrate is important because it triggers apoptosis, or the death of cancerous cells, within the colon.”

Matcha Green Tea is a superfood both nutritious and healing.

Matcha … 1. Increases thermogenesis in the body, becoming a potent appetite suppressant and increasing fat oxidation. This in turn helps the body to use fat as an energy source. 2. Japanese researchers have found that green tea consumption can lead to lower mortality rates in humans. 3. Protects against heart disease; among which would be: vasculoprotective, antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering.4. Recent evidence suggests that drinking green tea can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes! 5. Helps to minimize neurological conditions 6. Lowers Blood Pressure and Hypertension 

Coconut Palm Sugar….the wonder sugar
Coconut Palm sugar has an exotic flavor profile with wonderful notes of light butterscotch and caramel and gives this Caramel apple the decadent caramel flavor.

Coconut Palm sugar is an all-natural, whole food. Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is derived from the sweet nectar of the sugar blossoms that grow at the top of the tropical coconut palm tree. Not only is it a healthy sweetener it is also nutritious…

How to Make the Perfect Matcha Caramel drink 2 ways…Keep in mind that 1 Tbsp of the Caramel Apple Matcha blend provides a full serving of ceremonial matcha, about 2 grams.

Hot: Whisk together 1 heaping Tbsp of Caramel Apple Matcha with 8-10oz non-dairy milk. Heat and enjoy
In a blender add 6-8 oz non-dairy milk, 1 heaping Tbsp of Caramel Apple Matcha, 2 pinches salt and about 1/4 cup ice and blend for a delicious creamy salted caramel matcha!