Organic MATCHA Ceremonial Green Tea 80 Grams

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Matcha has been around for centuries used in Japan for medicinal and meditation purposes.

Matcha is the most effective way to experience the amazing matcha tea benefits. What separates ceremonial organic Matcha apart from other green teas is that Matcha is a whole food superfood that truly touches every aspect of the body. It makes a great green tea latte or it can be enjoyed in the classic tradition; for both the mind and the body.

Let me start off by saying...I rarely ever write reviews!!! I just want to express my love for your Super Berry blend!! I am fairly new to drinking matcha (about a month in)....but I can honestly say that I AM HOOKED!!! I started off with plain matcha from another site, but it honestly left something to be desired....enter and those blends!!! I couldn't wait to get my sample pack and tore into them as soon as the postman delivered them...within a week I had placed another order...this time including your plain matcha....I was completely floored by how much smoother and much more easier on the palate your matcha was versus the one from the other site!! I wrote all of that to just say THANK YOU!!! I am now hooked and you have gained a loyal customer!!! - K. Jackson



  • • Heightens the concentration
  • • Provides increased mental clarity and focus
  • • 10x more potent in antioxidants and nutrients compared to traditional steeped green tea latte
  • • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • • Provides sustained energy for 3 to 6 hours
  • • Cleanses

A cup of Matcha, either ceremonial style or enjoyed as a green tea latte brings mental concentration, emotional stability, composure of mind, and physical well being.

Available in 40gram, 80gram and ½ pound sizes.

Funny story...I just recently got my membership setup on your new site, Got Matcha. I'm a big green tea fan, but I had never had matcha green tea until this past Christmas when my wife got me the Groupon to try your matcha tea. I'm completely addicted to matcha green tea now! I like the flavored teas you have, I tried the Mocha & Chai teas, but I prefer the regular matcha in almond milk. 

To be honest, I've been researching matcha non-stop for about 3 weeks trying to find somewhere else to buy good quality matcha tea cheaper than I can't find anything comparable at or around the same price! That's why I was emailing you now since it appeared you had a good quality tea and was claiming to have a great price. I can find plenty of lower quality versions at a much cheaper price, but I'd rather have higher quality. Your matcha green tea isn't bitter AT ALL. I've always had my steeped green tea without sweetner and was fine with the bitter after-taste, but your matcha is not bitter which I absolutely love. It's very smooth. So long story short...I love your tea and I can't find anything comparable for a better price. I think I'm done researching for other matcha prices because I'm not getting anywhere LOL. 
- D.B.

"In the past 4 days I can't believe that I have not had a cup of coffee since I discovered drinking matcha tea! I have had to live on drinking 1-2 cups of coffee per day to WAKE up. Normally I am in bed by 9-10 pm, NOW I have more energy to get stuff done AND I don't need a nap in the middle of the day on my days off. I just got my friend started on matcha and he too feels the benefit of the extra energy. Very cool!" - Y.C.  Calif.



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