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Matcha Chaga Superfood Protein Bar  (Package of 6)  

Now packaged as (1) bar per package with a full serving of Matcha & Chaga per package, with the same flavor (chocolate truffle) as our prior bar.
Our new bar now includes more Matcha, and with the addition of 
Chaga, King of the Mushrooms, delivering more energy, endurance, and healing power to the body

Read the full write-up on our Matcha Chaga Bar, Click Here.

* 13 Grams of plant based protein & 12 grams fatty acids from coconut oil & sunflower butter. * Only 7 grams sugar which comes from the nectar of the coconut flower and the chaga which is naturally sweet from the extraction process. 
* Organic chlorella provides a full spectrum of amino acids. 
* Each pkg. contains a full serving of organic ceremonial matcha 
* Each pkg. contains a complete Amino acid profile and EFA’s 
* No processed sugar or any processed ingredients - this is a whole food bar! 
* Packed with Anti-Oxidants, absorbable protein, omegas, flavor and energy! 
* Raw, organic cacao, and cacao nibs which helps to increase endurance. (chocolate in its natural and raw state is a great sourcre of protein and iron. 
* Raw coconut is important for digestion & detox, heart health & healthy weight loss. One of the good fats the body consumes as fuel for energy while detoxifying the digestive track. 

Got Matcha’s Matcha Chaga Superfood Bar is the most functional meal on the planet! Containing Sacha Inchi Seed, the most absorbable vegan complete-protein is just one piece of this incredible product. These bars were created with the intention of feeding, healing energizing and balancing the entire body on every level. We believe that the healthiest trend today understands the importance of focusing the diet on these powerful superfood ingredients. It is not enough to just eat organic any longer. Health and vitality is built on the nutrients we have or don’t have in our body. This is the fuel behind our Matcha Chaga Bars…To create a complete whole-food plant-based bar that could sustain not only life but increase life and its quality. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients from Matcha, powerful compounds exclusively found in Chaga Mushroom, Sacha Inchi and Chlorella; this product is your safety-net for everything missing in the food today.  read more 

Ingredients: *Sunflower seeds, Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Extract, *shredded coconut, *raw cacao, *Japanese ceremonial matcha, *sacha inchi protein powder, *pea protein powder, *vanilla, *dates, *cracked wall chlorella, *coconut nectar, *coconut oil. *certified organic

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