Organic Matcha MINT

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Got Matcha's Organic Matcha Mint Tea

The combination of Matcha, Mint and select proprietary spices make this Matcha blend our stand-out favorite!Refreshing for those hot summer evenings, or delicious as a hot tea, Matcha Mint is a versatile tea for any occasion.....not to mention that you get the incredible benefits of organic matcha ceremonial green tea. Sweetened with organic Coconut Nectar and just a smidge of raw, organic green stevia. Absolutely delicious!"I finally had a chance to open our package and I could not believe the fresh and pungent aroma. It is a remarkable and tasty blend and I so thoroughly enjoyed drinking it over ice" SP - CanadaOur Matcha Mint is one of the most refreshing tea blends on the market.  When drinking this terrific blend of Matcha, peppermint and spearmint you forget that you are drinking tea because it is so light and cooling.  

As always we try to provide unique superfood blends that are not just about the enjoyable taste but also about the remarkable health benefits.  The Star Ingredient is always our ceremonial Matcha, one of the most powerful adaptogens on the planet. This emerald green superfood rich in nutrients, antioxidants, energy, endurance and mental clarity.  Mint is also a healing superfood that has been used for centuries used to…Help relax the gastrointestinal tract
Improve digestion (especially when used before or after meals)

Reduce and prevent muscle spasms and cramping
Destroy bacteria in the mouth preventing bad breathe
Ideal for helping those with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Soothes stomach aches
It is antifungal and therefore thought to be helpful for those with asthma

Whether you need a digestive or relaxing aid for your internal organs mint can be enjoyed by everyone young and old.Matcha is also an integral player regarding digestion so by combining it with our varieties of mint you really having a winning tea.  Plus you are not just drinking the extra of mint you are actually drinking the entire mint plant that has been dried and ground into powder.  Just like with the Matcha we are giving you fresh-dried mint in its whole-food form which allows your body to receive the max amount of nutrients possible.

Mint also has energizing and recharging properties that complement Matcha’s invigorating ability.  Consequently this is the perfect wakeup tea blend in the morning and fantastic in the afternoon when you need that refreshing pick-me-up that will last for hours.Did we mention the flavor is delightful?  There is no bitterness just the perfect fusion of peppermint, spearmint, matcha, a hint of citrus to enhance the mint and just a touch of coconut to enhance all of the flavors and remove any bitterness.  The coconut sugar adds a light sweetness that is the perfect compliment.  We hope you enjoy this new blend as much as we do.

How To Make a Matcha Mint Tea Latte

Keep in mind that 1 Tbsp of the mint matcha blend provides 1 full serving of matcha which is 2 grams. There are many ways to make a good Latte, but here is our favorite…

1. We take a tall mug of hot or boiling 10-12 ounces – 2/3 filtered water and 1/3 almond milk or milk of choice.
2. We add 1 tablespoon of the Matcha Mint and stir