Post Cleansing Tips

Post cleansing tips and guidelines

Once you get to the first day after cleansing it will be time to introduce simple foods which doesn't mean it is time to have a love affair with hamburgers, french fries and ice cream!  Keep in mind that if you put heavy acidic foods in your body the first few days after cleansing, I guarantee you will feel sick and your stomach will probably hate you. Important: if you only followed one guideline after your cleanse it would be to eat nothing processed/prepackaged made with 15 ingredients, preservatives, chemicals and process sugars. Those are the worst for your gut and add to the storage there and depletes energy!  

The key to understand is that it takes about 5-7 days to completely flush through the colon and what you have just done is jump-started the cleansing process and it is critical that the first few days after cleansing is treated like you are completing the cleansing process. The key is cleansing foods easy on digestion. If a food takes no energy from your body to digest it will move quickly through the colon and the enzymes will help complete the cleansing process.

Reminder...Keep in mind that you have detoxified your organs and loosened the colon so now you need the raw fiber and raw good fats to push everything out. My raw foods, salad, soups and broths, veggies of all kinds, fresh veggie juice, lean protein like fish and goat yogurt if you are a fan, raw butter, raw cheese, eggs can be good if you need extra protein. Good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, raw butter and avocados are all excellent food choices. What I like to do after cleansing is for the next 3 days at dinner time, have protein and avocado slices mixed with the miso kale broth (the broth you were drinking during your cleanse). Of course you don't have to go that extreme but if you haven't "cleaned out" enough it helps and really helps flush out stored toxins.  If you want to make the miso kale broth that I have been giving you during your cleanse it would be a good idea. Also you could make or purchase bone broth and this is a perfect close post cleanse drink that is amazing for immune system and indigestion. 

Make this large batch of the Miso broth and keep in the fridge to heat as needed. After cleansing I like to drink the broth twice per day, mixed with quinoa sometimes. In a blender ( I have a vitamix) add:

6 cups water; few dashes of tamari; 1/4-1/2 tsp of Celtic or Pink Himalaya Salt;1 Tbsp of Miso paste, fresh (I use chickpea miso but you can use the white, red or even barley miso); Huge handful of fresh cilantro; 2 Tbsp coconut or olive oil; 1 sprig green onion; 1 cup fresh or frozen kale or even spinach; few dashes of garlic powder or 1/2 clove fresh...Blend until smooth and then heat in a pan. 

Here is what you should be focusing on:

Try to include as many liquids as possible, not including wine! Still try to include a fresh veggie juice; fresh lemon juice added to water when you wake up and before bed; matcha green tea, Kombucha tea; green superfood shakes and lots of water.

Fiber is really important because now that you have broken up the stored debris that has been impacted in your colon it needs extra pushing out via fiber. Raw foods have a lot of fiber and Chia seeds are one of the best and much much more effective compared to Psyllium Husk fiber. So add chia seeds to your morning shake, sprinkle over your salad, etc. Plus they have 4x more calcium than dairy per serving, amazing protein and much more.

Half of your day should be raw such as salads (2 salads/day is ideal for the first 3-7 days), berries, avocado, my raw foods, soaked nuts & seeds, etc. Here is chart that gives you a list of raw alkaline foods to focus on in the beginning: 

Good raw fats like avocado, olive oil (not cooked) and coconut oil are great for cleansing and flushing out the bad fats.  Raw dairy like raw goat cheese or raw butter is also really good for you. Another good source of protein, calcium and fat is goat Kiefer.

Protein: after cleansing you might be craving proteinso I would stick with good Raw protein powder such as Sun warrior (this is the protein that was added to three of your drinks during cleanse) chia seeds, raw nuts and seeds, organic eggs, goat yogurt and go Kiefer. When you have protein from for example organic meats or seafood make sure it's only combined with a vegetable and a good fat so that it is digested quicker and more properly absorbed.

Most importantly don't get overwhelmed and feel like you have to make all of these changes to your diet immediately. Take it one day at a time and remember that it takes about a month for the brain and body to adapt to a new change so be patient. I always say focus on one thing at a time like replacing regular flour-based foods like bread and pasta with sprouted grains products like sprouted bread and Ezekiel sprouted pasta. And remember that if you only focused on eating more fresh foods in their natural unprocessed state that alone would make a huge difference on your overall health and energy.

To Your Abundant Health!