raw earth comparison


Raw Earth Vs Mud Water

Medicinal mushrooms along with healthy energizing drinks are becoming very popular and are flooding the market. We have seen numerous medicinal mushroom-fueled products on the market claiming to be the best. Just because they sell a powdered mushroom (which is often times mixed with oats and fillers or an extract powder simply created from alcohol and/or water) combined with coffee or black tea and a maybe a few spices, doesn’t mean you are getting the best nutrition and product! Like the Ceremonial Matcha we source, it is all about the story…where do the mushrooms and ingredients that we use come from, how they are grown and our unique proprietary blend of most of the top superfoods available in nature today.

  1. Alkaline energy
  2. Incredible Flavor
  3. We get our Chaga from Chagit who sources it from the forests of Alaska from the Birch Tree, the way nature intended. Chaga is only as nutritious as tree and soil it grows from.  The other medicinal mushrooms that we source are grown wild in Oregon, sustainably. 
  4. Over 1000MG of Chaga, 500MG of Lions Mane, and 500MG of Cordyceps per serving.
  5. Our Caffeine source is alkaline Black Label Ceremonial Matcha rich in L-Theanine which supports brain function, helps manage stress, increases clarity, boosts immune system and a great source of energy containing alkaline caffeine. Matcha is an alkaline caffeine which releases slowly over 4-6 hours throughout the body and stimulates the brain instead of the heart as with acidic caffeine. Matcha is known in Japan as a calming focused energy. Matcha is the food of the Samurai Warrior.
  6. We know the story behind every ingredient that we use and have relationships with the farmers and harvesters and support their sustainable practices.
  7. Serving size is 20g or 2 Tbsp – perfect just as it is.
  8. This is a complete latte with our Matcha Coconut creamer combine. Mud is not a full-bodied latte mix
  9. Sweetened with Monk Fruit which is low glycemic
  10. Certified Organic, Certified GF and Certified Vegan with Wild Harvested Mushrooms


  1. Acidic Energy
  2. Tastes like Dirt
  3. Their Chaga is grown in a lab on organic oats in California. That is not real Chaga!! Chaga is the most powerful mushroom on the planet but it gets all of its incredible nutrients and properties from the Birch Tree that it grows on. Growing and thriving through 5-7 years of extremely cold winters is key (Chaga needs to go through windows of negative 30 degrees every winter in order to maximize its potential). All of their medicinal mushrooms are lab grown
  4. There are 562mg of each mushroom per serving.