Affiliate Sign Up

Welcome to Got Matcha's Affiliate Signup Section! 

We are pleased to welcome you to our affiliate program.  We've endeavored to make it simple, yet as generous as possible!   

How our Commission Structure Works:

Tracking Your Sales:

What is not covered in the program.


How our Commission Structure Works:

Our Commission structure is the following:

Tier 1: Sales up to 1000; Receive a 10% commission
Tier 2: Sales Above 1000; Receive a 15% commission

So let us explain how the commission works.  At the end of the month we tally your total sales.  What ever that number is will determine which tier you fall into;  Tier 1 or Tier 2.  If you sell 400.00, then you are paid based on Tier 1 at 10%.  But, if your month went over 1000.00 then you would be paid 15% on all of it!!   Payments are made by the 15th of the following month.  (Due to rising costs the Matcha Crunch Bars pay a total of 10% commissions.

Tracking Your Sales

All of your Got Matcha sales are tracked using 2 methods;  a.  A Coupon Code, or b. Using your Affiliate ID#, usually in conjunction with the use of one of our creatives, or something you may use.

(a).When you sign up,  you will be sent a Welcome! email.  In that email is your coupon code information which you can give out to prospective buyers to save them 10% on their first order only. The coupon code is the easiest way for our system to track your referrals.  You will also receive your Affiliate ID#, which can be used in conjunction with any small display ads you may do, whether they would be at your site or in a blog that you may do, or use them in a hyperlink people can click on.

When you log into your Affiliate area at the Got Matcha website, you will see all of your data, have access to creatives you can use in promoting Got Matcha's products, and much more.  Over the next month we plan to update some of the small display ads which you can use to promote your sales.

What is not covered in the program.

All personal orders are not subject to commission, nor to the use of the 10% coupon code.
The Affiliate Program does not include any international shipments. The program only applies to U.S. based orders.

**If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at: