the Japanese secret

The Japanese Secret to a Healthy Metabolism…



Part 2 of "The Hidden Treasures of Matcha"

by Rebekah Ball
Holistic Nutritionist & Matcha Advocate


Recent studies from Harvard School of Health have found that the antioxidants in Matcha, specifically EGCG, are the key to having a strong healthy metabolism as we age and can play an essential role in weight loss and minimizing belly fat. Matcha is now considered to be the “Japanese metabolic reset tea”. 

Who doesn’t need a reset on their metabolism? 

Fad diets and diet pills are not the answer to weight management; Maintaining a strong, youthful metabolism is the key. Our metabolism diminishes as we age regardless of diet! Our hormones change as we age resulting in a slower metabolism which translates to increased hunger, decreased fat-burning and a plateau of never being able to lose weight and maintain.

The subject of the study was, why are Japanese men and especially women so lean even over the age of 40? They determined it is not about their genetics or diet, which consists of a lot of carbs, mainly rice and noodles. The common thread that Japanese men and woman have in common, is one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet…Matcha Green Tea. Specifically it is the EGCG antioxidants in Matcha which, when consumed daily, will naturally speed up the metabolism. 

Matcha, this “Japanese Secret”, is not some synthetic extract created in a lab…it is a food that exists in nature and when eaten in its whole pure form, every benefit from that plant is absorbed and utilized by the body. Therefore only the pure form of EGCG from actual ceremonial Matcha, is truly able to give your body the incredible experience of long-term weight management and help you regain your youthful metabolism!

Be careful… Green Tea Extract is not a replacement for drinking Matcha. Many weight loss products with green tea extract claim high EGCG content and that this is the best way to consume the green tea plant for weight loss and metabolism. WRONG!! That form is an extract where the caffeine and antioxidants have been removed or extracted from the tea plant. Green tea caffeine extract is too intense on the heart and won’t be affective for long term weight loss. 

The main reason Matcha green tea is so much more effective than regular green tea is that it is a whole food and not an extract. Regular Green tea leaves are steeped in water or extracted in alcohol, and only some of the nutrients and antioxidants are removed. Matcha is grown for 3-5 years longer and the entire leaf is dried and ground into a powder. Matcha is extremely concentrated in every nutrient associated with the health benefits of green tea. When you consume food in its natural state with all its nutrients intact, the experience and absorption is heightened and superior to any extract.

According to; “results indicate that the concentration of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) available from drinking Matcha is 137 times greater than the amount of EGCG available from Green tea, and at least three times higher than the largest literature value for other green teas.”

EGCG antioxidant is not only incredible for the metabolism but it has been studied for numerous other health benefits including; Supports the immune system, helps reduce inflammation, helps assist the breakdown of stored fats and can help prevent certain chronic diseases. A simple way to think of antioxidants is that they are substances which help protect our cells, the soldiers that fight to keep our body healthy and strong. So even if your goal isn’t weight management, the body will always benefit from the antioxidants in Matcha!

Keep in mind…all Matcha is not created equal! Only true organic ceremonial matcha and only the top 8 leaves of the matcha bush, contain the right amount of EGCG to truly help make a difference on your health and metabolism. Got Matcha’s Premium quality Ceremonial Matcha (the top 6,7 and 8 leaves) is one of the highest foods in the world in antioxidants! Our black label Matcha (leaves 1, 2 and 3) contains the highest EGCG antioxidant levels of anything we have seen tested on the market. 1 serving of our Ceremonial Black Label Matcha contains roughly 180mg/2g (1 tsp serving size) of EGCG. Just for reference, the average EGCG levels in Matcha on the market, range from 17mg-50mg.

Last tip…The key to resetting your metabolism and experiencing all of the amazing benefits of Matcha is consistency. If you drink Matcha only a couple times a week, then don’t be surprised when nothing really changes for you. The scientific studies and my experience of 26 years with Matcha, have proven that you have to drink it every day, at least 1-2 times per day. Serving size is 1-2g and 2g is a teaspoon, so 1-2 teaspoons daily, every day!! 

Side note… “research suggests that the protein and possibly the fat in dairy milk may reduce the antioxidant capacity of tea.” To get the most out of your Matcha, make sure to blend with only water or plant-based milks!