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“GotMatcha has truly transformed my morning routine. Not only is this matcha top quality, it truly tastes amazing and keeps my energy levels balanced all day. My favorite is the Matcha Chai mixed with almond milk - I look forward to it every day!”  Megan @meganedgemond
"Your protein matcha is the best protein shake I’ve ever tasted. Just put in my order this morning, also trying your ceremonial matcha powder this time. The first time I tried the protein meal is when I bought it quite some time ago at the Malibu farmers market. There is no better! Will stick with it. "  Instagram handle: @korneliahanna
“I love Got Matcha! I was an avid coffee drinker for many years and switching to matcha has changed my physical and mental well-being. Got Matcha offers premium ceremonial grade matcha, which is everything when it comes to the quality of what you’re consuming. Drinking matcha really compliments my morning routine, and I suggest it to everyone I know and love!” - Laura @BeautyandSpiritStudio
“You can tell how thoughtfully sourced this matcha is from the minute you taste it. As someone that has had a list of health problems this was the only brand that I could tolerate for a long time. From the sourcing to intention behind the brand. It tastes so good!! I use the plain green matcha with coconut milk and voila my day is set. If you are looking for a high quality matcha look no further this is it!”
 - Ali Kates, Emotional Health coach….


"Got Matcha has changed my morning regimen in an amazing way. Previously I knew nothing about matcha quality and enjoyed matcha daily for the caffeine buzz. Once I tried Got Matcha, there was no going back. I can taste the quality difference and I feel the health difference too. Drinking these matcha products supports my mental cognition for hours- I feel sharp without shaky; bright and not too buzzed. Plus I know I’m getting antioxidants and cancer-fighting goodness that makes this matcha regimen an act of self care. Can’t drink any other kind.”  - Jordana Reim…instagram: @jordana_is_



The Vixen Band: 


 “Got Matcha is everything I never knew I needed! I knew that I wanted to stop drinking multiple cups of coffee a day and was feeling dehydrated and high strung and never satiated. After stumbling upon Got Matcha’s booth at the farmers market and meeting the always glowing Rebeka, I sampled the product and was pleasantly surprised by the taste, and purchased some of the vanilla chai matcha mix. I had no idea what a big difference I would feel after integrating matcha into my diet and replacing coffee. I feel energized throughout the day on one cup, and I am much less stressed and anxious. I am more focused, more hydrated and feel sharper. Thank you Got Matcha for getting me out of my coffee rut and improving my energy and mindset. Got Matcha’s matcha has the highest level of L theanine and they have the best blends for all tastes- from the vanilla chai, to mint, to pumpkin to lemon ginger and more. The chaga blends are also so beneficial and tasty, as well as the protein mixes. I am a lifelong Got Matcha supporter!” - Britt Lightning - @vixen_band

“I love Got Matcha!! I'm a rock and roll singer & was turned on to this product by my guitar player. I was looking for an alternative to coffee in an effort to limit my caffeine. (been a coffee addict for ever). I was hooked on the first cup! Got Matcha Vanilla Chai is my fav and it gives me a jolt of energy, focus and just an overall feeling of well being! I've also tried the crunch bars (yum) which really help when you're on the run as much as I am. Thank you for these amazing 'feel good' products. Yum.”   -Lorraine Lewis. @lorrainelewisrocks (Lead Vox of @vixen_band)


Casey Cromer - Motocross Champion


“I don’t write reviews very often but felt that this needs one! let me start off by introducing myself my name is Casey Cromer I am a endurance and a Motocross athlete. With being around these sports you come across lots of different products and supplements unfortunately most of the time these products are not healthy and do not improve health at all. I find it strange to see a lot of unhealthy products floating around the toughest and most physically demanding sports in the world. This is where I feel very lucky I came across Their products totally changed everything for me. I have noticed a huge difference in energy levels along with better mood and mental clarity. I make a Matcha latte with their premium grade black label Matcha every morning and have a chocolate protein meal replacement for breakfast after that I am ready to start my day. I love their Protein endurance bars for a healthy snack on the go they are packed with nutrients and really keep me going. All of their products taste amazing! I know that they are the missing Link in nutrition. I was very unaware on how a Tea supplement could be so powerful and valuable on and off the track. I will continue to purchase their products because I can trust the quality of their ingredients. After speaking with Rebekah I see that All of their products are meticulously thought out and put together with a purpose.’s products are on my essentials list forever! If you have any questions the owner Rebekah is very helpful knowledgeable and will love to answer any of your questions.”   Casey Cromer, @bar_to_bar



Soooo Yum!! - -@anastarr


“I stumbled across Got Matcha at the Brentwood Farmer’s market and after trying a sample, I could immediately tell this was high quality matcha. I’ve tried many different organic, ceremonial grade matcha brands in the past, but Got Matcha stands as out as the best tasting, highest quality brand I’ve tried so far. The color is a deep, vibrant green and it tastes incredibly smooth. I blend it in my smoothies and make iced matcha lattes with it every afternoon - a moment I look forward to each day. I would highly recommend Got Matcha if you are looking for the real deal!”  - Courtney Levi Bateson… @courtneybateson 

“Got Matcha is truly the highest quality matcha, and I’m so grateful to include their delicious superfoods into my routine! As a nutritionist, I appreciate that their L-theanine levels are higher than most other matchas, so they not only taste amazing but help naturally combat stress and boost energy. As someone who has very sensitive digestion, all the products I’ve tried are so easy on my belly. The matcha blends, crunch bars, and protein meal are now daily staples. HIGHLY recommend Got Matcha!!”  - Juliet Tabbara, @nourish.within.wellness 

“Got Matcha is the only matcha I prefer to drink. I feel the best buzz after, mentally and physically sharp and in a great mood. It’s smooth and delicious!”  Sasha Cohen ...@cohzycooking


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