Crunch Bars


Introducing the world’s most powerful superfoods in their purest natural form; our delicious Matchaga Crunch Bar. No protein isolates, no additives or preservatives, no chemicals or their by-products and no unnatural sweeteners. We searched the globe and carefully selected the most powerful and nutrient-dense Plant-based Proteins including Sacha Inchi and Pumpkin Seed. Paired with our Alaskan Chaga and Japanese Ceremonial Matcha, in a base of organic sunflower butter, there is nothing like it on the market. 

These bars are truly unique, raw, delicious and our powerful union of nature’s greatest adaptogens; Chaga and Matcha, strive to keep your body balanced, fueled and energized – in every situation. Fuel your energy, improve your endurance, boost your immune system, and feed your body. Pure Nutrition as Nature Intended!

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