What Is Missing in Our Diets

What is Missing in the American Diet?

.....with Rebekah Ball



by Rebekah Ball 

Our team was gathered around this morning looking for an appropriate title for this article.  We thought, we could call it "Can the Body still heal itself".  Or, the Matcha you drink and the food you consume is only as good as the soil....but that was very lengthy.  What Rebekah wanted to do was paint a picture of where we are right now, and the greater role that nutrition and specifically, super foods like Matcha and Chaga - now play in our ability to sustain a healthy lifestyle. A book could be written on this, and probably has.  We have at our grasp the ability to sustain health and wellness, as long as we know what we are dealing with and how to counteract the demise of our food quality.     Lou with Got Matcha

Global awareness concerning preventive medicine is growing:  the art of caring for your body before illness or disease forces you to. It’s not about what to take when you become ill, but what to take daily to avoid illness and restore optimal health and balance. Unfortunately, eating a healthy diet with organic produce is not enough to sustain or enhance one’s quality of life. Our soil is lacking essential nutrients and consequently the food we eat is lacking those nutrients as well. You could eat salads and veggies all day long and still be malnourished, missing out on the essential nutrients your body needs to heal itself. For your body to reach optimal balance, rejuvenate itself and thrive, it must have the most nutrient-dense superfoods.

Franken Food

Since the 1950’s, the nutritional values of farmed fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and grains have dropped significantly! A head of broccoli today is not the same as a head of broccoli 70 years ago…they’re almost different species. When I was studying nutrition and soil management over 20 years ago, produce could already be classified as “franken-food”. Lettuce, broccoli and spinach may look and taste fairly normal but Studies done in the early 2000’s found that most crops were depleted in their essential vitamins and minerals; “up to 38% lower than they were at the middle of the 20th century”.   All 43 vegetables analyzed were significantly lower in minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and B & C Vitamins. Every essential nutrient, even protein and trace minerals were depleted. 23 years later and the problem has gotten worse! You cannot eat enough plants, even organic, to obtain the vitamins, minerals, protein and fats necessary to stay healthy. People wonder why they’ve become more sick, tired, overweight and diseased…this country is malnourished! You can eat calories all day, but if they are empty and void of nutrition, your body will always crave more food because it demands essential nutrients. Regardless of your diet, whether it is vegetarian, pescatarian, keto, vegan, organic, raw: It doesn’t matter. You are lacking the nutrients that are supposed to be in our soil/plants/foods.

Hidden Hunger

After World War II, the fear of food shortages prompted scientists to create new unhealthy ways to increase the yield of not only crops but even breeds of livestock. The use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and unnatural farming practices increased yield over 100%. Since then, every decade the soil becomes more depleted as more chemicals are added. Even organic soil is depleted – A majority of organic produce is grown in soil that was once laden with pesticides and chemicals, therefore the soil is already destroyed. The result of higher producing crops is calories but not nutrition. Even grains like wheat were re-designed to produce a higher yield, which is higher in starch and lower in all its nutrients. This epidemic of calories minus the nutrition has been the catalyst for the phenomenon known as “hidden hunger”, where people feel full but not as satisfied. This has led to the rise in obesity in youth and adults, diabetes, high blood pressure, ADD and ADHD and so much more!!

We know there is a relationship between the soil and our food, so what is the answer? 

First, we need to know the story behind every food that we eat. Where its grown and how the soil has been treated/managed for the last 50 years, not just the last 5 years. We also need to know the nutritional tests and contaminant levels for every food we eat. This is difficult for most people to do, however here at Got Matcha we practice what we preach and we do the work for you. We know the story behind every ingredient that we source and that is why the fact that our Matcha farmer is a top soil master in all of Japan, is so important!!

The Missing Link

Second, since there are nutrients which are completely missing from the soil compared to the 1950’s… organic foods will still be lacking nutritionally. My search these past 25 years has been to find and share the superfoods which God has provided, from around the world, which are the key to optimal health and longevity. Nutrient-dense superfoods which still contain all of the essential nutrients that our body needs, is the missing link to a healthy life. Consuming powerful superfoods shouldn’t even be an option…it should be a mandatory part of every person’s life on this planet! The food pyramid needs to become the superfood pyramid!

This brings us to Got Matcha’s Protein Meal. This is not a basic protein shake for muscle building or weight loss – far from it. This product is the result of spending the last decade searching for the most nutrient-dense superfoods and bioavailable, whole-food, complete proteins on the planet. There are many healing plants and herbs within nature and the incredible nutrients and their benefits, included in Got Matcha’s Protein Meal is mind blowing! Every ingredient was selected with a purpose and has its own powerful story of health and wellness.  A few of the stars in this blend include Ceremonial Matcha, Chaga Mushroom, Sacha Inchi, raw coconut, AFA Algae and many more. These whole foods are true gifts to every aspect of life.

Not only is our protein meal essential to daily energy and nutritional needs, but it is truly a missing link in the American diet. Chaga, Ceremonial Matcha and the other star ingredients in our Protein Meal, are some of the most nutritional powerhouse superfoods found on the planet. They contain the missing nutrients (vitamins, proteins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids) that are absent from our soil and traditional crops today. They are essential gifts from nature and their sole purpose is to heal and improve our lives.

Not all protein is created equal…

Our Signature Plant-based Protein Meal is the most unique blend of proteins and superfoods anywhere!  Just because a product contains 20+ grams of processed/isolated/extracted protein such as soy isolate, pea protein isolate and whey protein isolate, does not mean that your body is actually absorbing it all! An extracted protein that has been overly processed, heated and combined with sugar or chemically-derived sweeteners, can have an acidic effect on the body and cause bloating and indigestion. Whole Foods like Sacha Inchi Seeds and Pumpkin seeds are complete proteins, which have been dried and ground into a powder. They are directly bioavailable, which means your body can fully digest them. When all of the fiber, fat and nutrients are present, and not just the extracted protein, your body knows what to do with this food and how to absorb it. Hence the total grams of protein in a product are not what matters, it is the source of those proteins and how your system uses them.  When the body gets the nutrients it so desperately needs, then the body is capable of coming into "balance" and thereby, able to heal itself.  The defense mechanisms are in place, and the body can fight off the viruses and disease that has become so much more prevalent.  Having a high quality superfood nutritional supplement (eg: Got Matcha's Superfood Protein Meal) has become far more than a luxury.  This is not about building muscle mass or sustaining weight loss; this is about achieving overall health and wellness.

What sets apart Got Matcha's Superfood Protein Meal? ...

the ingredients

Matcha - the key to unlocking the door...
Why is MATCHA so essential? Matcha is in the green tea family, but it has gone through a 5 year growing process. When eaten in its whole pure form, every benefit from that plant is absorbed and utilized by the body. It is a powerful adaptogen and works with the body to find inner balance and does not force anything that isn’t needed. It provides energy and endurance for hours, aids in digestion, helps balance hormones and boosts the immune system. One of the stars of Matcha is L-Theanine, found almost exclusively to this plant. L-Theanine is responsible for slowly releasing the alkaline caffeine in Matcha over 3-4 hours and it stimulates the brain to assist with focus, clarity, stress reduction and managing depression.

Another star of Matcha is the antioxidant EGCG. EGCG is incredible for the metabolism and also studied for numerous other health benefits.  Matcha supports the immune system, helps reduce inflammation, helps assist the breakdown of stored fats and can help prevent certain chronic diseases. A simple way to think of antioxidants is that they are substances which help protect our cells, the soldiers that fight to keep our body healthy and strong. 

One of the Most Powerful Preventatives known to man..

The antioxidants in Matcha can induce the production of the body’s natural detoxification enzyme “Superoxide Dismutase”, or SOD. SOD is an antioxidant enzyme that is found in every living cell in the body. What that means is that by drinking Matcha, you are helping your body produce possibly the most important antioxidant known to man, also known as the “youth molecule”. SOD will hunt down the free radicals in the body making it one of the most powerful preventatives known to man. This enzyme acts as a catalyst to help every function in your cells! Cells cannot survive without SOD…We cannot live without this enzyme! Unfortunately, the soil is depleted of this essential enzyme so fresh produce is not a reliable source any longer…most people are deficient in this enzyme and as we age we produce less SOD and much less after the age of 40! Therefore, SOD is an essential “anti-aging” enzyme that we must consume from our food or find ways to activate production, in order to boost levels in the body. The lack of SOD in our bodies is truly a health crisis!

Why is CHAGA crucial in today’s world?

Chaga is the king of medicinal mushrooms. When I discovered Chagit’s pure chaga extraction, I realized it was the missing link to our protein meal and really to my family’s health. What is amazing about this mushroom is that it is packed with 215 healing compounds and nutrients, more than 14 which are unique to this mushroom. There are nutrients in Chaga which are not present in the soil in which our food is grown. Chaga’s nutrient density is because the mushroom, which lives on a birch tree, is constantly taking the energy from the birch tree and then converting those powerful nutrients to a bioavailable form which humans can digest. Chaga mycelium grown in a lab does not have those nutrients, it must be harvested from living birch trees. The native tribes of the far north believe that Chaga was a gift from God to help them survive the harshest climates in the world!  

Chaga contains 29 different beta-glucans which support the immune system. Chaga is one of the most powerful antioxidant-rich foods! Chaga boosts the immune system, helps to regulate digestion and promote weight loss, helps balance hormones and provides incredible energy, focus and vitality. The powerful nutrients found only in this incredibly healing superfood, will support the body and minds ability to work optimally throughout a busy day and life! Chaga is the perfect shield, as it helps restore balance and health to the body and is one of the most powerful tools you in your health arsenal! It is an essential food to keep your body working and to protect you and your family!

Sacha Inchi is an easily digested, complete protein used by the natives of the Amazon for over 3 centuries as a complete protein and great source of Omega 3’s. It aids in endurance, satiation, energy and nutritional balance. Sacha comes from the seeds of the Sacha fruit, and we import our Sacha directly from a family farm in Peru. The Sacha Inchi Seed is a whole food protein which is also non-allergenic. Its ability to release serotonin in the brain makes it special and unique. Helps to control appetite and reduce the “munchies”. Used by people in the Amazon for centuries as a survival food. 




Pumpkin Seed protein which is sourced directly from a family farm in Austria, these seeds pack an impressive amount of nutrients. They are an amazing source of Omega-3’s; contain all 9 essential Aminos; vitamin A, B’s, C, E and K; rich in trace minerals and antioxidants. This is a whole food and easy to digest and absorb, compared to isolates like pea, whey and soy.

Cacao - The flavanols in cacao have been shown to increase mitochondria production within the muscle – mitochondria are responsible for cellular energy. Raw cacao beans are a superfood that is nutritious, rich in antioxidants, minerals such as iron, vitamins, and even have 6 mg of protein per ounce! Studies have linked cacao to an increase in energy and endurance. During exercise, cacao helps the body produce more energy within the muscles.

AFA Algae from Klamath Lake - This amazing algae is very nutrient-dense, high in vitamins and minerals, amino acids, trace minerals and high quality absorbable protein. AFA is high in antioxidants, supports a healthy immune system, enhances wellbeing and supports overall energy and healing.Studies have shown it helps reduce inflammation throughout your body and it contains essential vitamins and minerals which are found in the unique waters of Klamath Lake, Oregon, which help fight against aging.


The Matcha Chaga Protein Shake to start your day…Keep in mind that the body wants to cleanse and detox between 4am and 10am. In order to help this process, you need the most natural alkaline foods that are easily digested and absorbed. The Matcha Protein Shake is the perfect whole-food complete meal. Loaded with compounds and nutrients from Matcha, Chaga, Sacha Inchi, Pumpkin seed protein and AFA Algae… this product is your safety-net for the essential nutrients needed to get you through the day. Allergen friendly! Easy to digest and assimilate. The winning combo of whole food proteins, Chaga, AFA Algae, and Matcha will keep you performing at the highest level!

How Often do you need to drink Matcha to experience the benefits?

Key with matcha is to drink it at least 2x/day for a month to experience all of the life-changing benefits…reprograms your energy, metabolism and overall stress levels. Each serving of the meal contains 1 serving of Matcha so ideally have a Matcha Protein shake 1-2x/day.

Is it a complete meal?

Yes it is! You will get more absorbable protein, fats, nutrients and a small amount of healthy carbs to support the body’s needs. This is a whole food meal and provides everything the body needs!

Easy to Digest

This product was developed considering most people have issues with their gut and digestion. The formulation specifically targets every sensitivity. Unlike most protein isolates, the digestive aids in it such as matcha, Chaga, coconut fats, Omega 3 Sacha Inchi fiber make it easy for your body to absorb. Whole foods mean less digestion time, easier on the tummy and less fat storage!