Matcha Hormone Detox Diet

The Matcha Hormone Detox Diet

by Rebekah Kjose

 **Follow for 3-4 weeks, ideally following a 3-5 day juice cleanse... 


  All processed starch and sugars (flour, sugar, simple carbs like crackers, bread even gluten-free, chips, bagels, pastries, baked desserts, etc.) 
  Fried foods 
  Too much sugar in general even too much natural sugar from fruit 
  Pasteurized Cow’s Milk Dairy 
  All non-organic foods (pesticides increase chances of breast cancer) 
  Preservatives such as coloring/dyes, carrageenan, and words you can’t pronounce 
  Red Meat 
  Acidic caffeine – coffee and black tea 
  Gluten (found in wheat, barley, some oats, spelt, rye) 
  Wine/alcohol 
  Processed salt 
  Shell fish or other ocean scavengers 
  Microwaving any food
  • Happy foods that heal the hormones: 
  70% raw foods 
  100% organic 
  Raw Organic Dairy and minimal goat dairy 
  Raw Butter 
  Fresh organic eggs 
  Vegetables 
  Good raw fats and oils like coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, flaxseed oil, primrose oil, chia seeds, fresh almond milk, raw sprouted nuts and seeds 
  Eat simple! Only 2-3 foods at a time, small meals throughout the day 
  Fresh Veggie juices daily with ginger, lemon and turmeric 
  Matcha Green Tea 
  Maca Root 
  Soaked and cooked quinoa 
  Lots of water 
  70% Alkaline Foods (these happy foods are alkaline) 
  Raw Dehydrated foods 
  Superfood shakes using green superfood blends such as Vitamineral Greens, Raw Reserve, etc. 
  Raw Sprouted protein powder 
  Kombucha Tea 
  Coconut water kefir 
  Himalaya or Celtic Sea Salt 
  Organic meat 
  Coconut 


Tips for balancing hormones... 

Hormones govern our body and they need fat to function properly. Without the right balance of good fats the body will malfunction in the area of fat-metabolism and the regulations of all body functions. 

If the body is low in DHA, found in omega 3 (fish, algae, walnut, chia, flax, etc), it can go into early menopause and have memory loss, mood swings, and even is connected to Alzheimers 

Today the average America eats 50:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 but the ration should be 1:1. Omega 3’s have to come from the diet which is why it is essential. Avoid the corn, canola, safflower, sunflower, etc. 

Focus on 20-30% good fats daily 

Simply by eating organic it can reverse PMS, allergies and hormone imbalance 

Good fats do the following: 

  •   Balance the hormones 

  •   Reduces inflammation and arthritis 

  •   Good for abdominal 

  •   Good for Heart health 

  •   Reduce water retention