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Our high ceremonial black label Matcha is a vivid electric green and tastes sweet and almost creamy. We use only the top 3 leaves compared to other Matcha products which use the middle and even bottom of the plant. This is the Rolls Royce of all Matcha and exclusive to Got Matcha...we are the only US company to import this #1 grade. Compared to regular ceremonial matcha on the market, our Black label has at least  4x more L-Theanine compared to regular Ceremonial Matcha; containing 90-110mg of L-Theanine per 2gm (1 tsp). Also these top three leaves contain 180mg of EGCG antioxidant per 2g (1 tsp serving size), which is over 3x the norm.The high Theanine and EGCG content add to the color and sweetness of the matcha along with the superior experience one would have with our Black Label Matcha!

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