The Tale of Got Matcha's Black Label Superior Grade

The morning mist kissed the volcanic mountain sides of Kirishima Japan. The farmer walked through the rows of carefully planted Matcha, running his fingers across their shade cover as his family had for generations. Today was the first day of spring harvest but this day was unlike any other. He came to a small group of plants, nestled in the darkest soil, glowing green in the dawn’s light. He lifted the corner of one plant’s shade-cover and plucked the very top, tender leaf. He raised it to his lips and bit down on the leaf, savoring its remarkable flavor. A smile of joy lit up his face, the kind of smile that only comes from the culmination of a lifetime’s effort and an achievement that defies your greatest expectations. The black label superior grade was finally ready to share with the world! 

Presenting the Black Label Superior Grade. This extremely rare, finest grade varietal is the result of careful crossbreeding of the highest quality Matcha varietals from across Japan. This Matcha masterpiece is proprietary to our farm and the farmer who nurtured it with the assistance of our 4th generation tea sommelier’s expertise and discerning palate.  

This Black Label Superior Grade contains a very similar theanine and antioxidant content as the black label that you love so much, with a full-bodied sweetness and a creaminess that is unique to this varietal and the Kagoshima region. The potency of our Premium and Superior Black Label Ceremonial Matcha is almost identical, but the Superior has a higher absorption rate. Due to its rarity, the Superior is more costly to produce and is only available in very limited quantities.

A must taste experience for any true Matcha connoisseur, get this Got Matcha exclusive now while supplies last!!



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