Alkalize with Got Matcha



Need to Alkalize? Try a Matcha Cleansing Lifestyle

by Rebekah Ball


I am always asked what my secret is to youthful energy and side-stepping pre-mature aging. It is true that exercise plays an important factor. However as we get older, what we put into our body accounts for over 75-80% of weight management, good energy, positive outlook on life, stress management and maintaining our youth! Eating a nutrient-dense, un-processed diet rich in alkaline foods has always been key! I discovered Ceremonial Matcha and Matcha benefits 27 years ago at the time of researching the importance of balancing the diet with low acid (alkaline) foods and drinks. I have always avoided coffee and black tea which are acidic, dehydrating, increases internal stress and aging and causes the body to produce fat cells.  Alkaline Ceremonial Matcha became my drink of choice for energy and my digestion improved, skin health improved and metabolism is like a teenager now and my ability to handle stress is amazing!

Let's talk about the importance of increasing alkaline foods and drinks in our diet....The importance of reaching a balanced PH state in the body cannot be emphasized enough.  If one truly cares about their quality of life, body, and spirit, then this should be taken very seriously. The acidic state is the root of most disease, sickness, and emotional/mental problems. Whether your body is in an acid or alkaline state will help determine the quality of life you will experience.   

You may have heard the term “Acidosis”.  This refers to the condition of your blood and having a PH that is too acidic.  Acidosis is not one specific disease.  It is the pre-requisite catalyst and breeding ground for other diseases to develop and be nurtured, such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, premature aging, and many other degenerative diseases. Over 90% of the population today is too acidic and has Acidosis.

PH is a measure of how much acid is in the blood. Our body strives to be more alkaline, about 7.3 – 7.4. The lower the number the more acidic your body becomes, and the more bacteria can grow. 

Scientists have found that cancer thrives in an acidic solution, while it is unable to survive in alkalinity.  Just as an embryo grows rapidly and flourishes in the mother’s womb surrounded by amniotic fluid, a germ grows quickly and strongly in an acidic environment. An inconvenient truth is that germs are not always the source of disease.  We create our own harmful & polluted acidic inner environment, which in turn allows the germs to multiply, feed and create their own pollution.  

Which foods are alkaline? Alkaline foods include fresh organic vegetables and fruit, raw nuts and seeds, Ceremonial Organic Matcha green tea, Matcha Protein meal with Sacha Inchi,  matcha lattes, raw good fats such as avocado, cold-pressed olive oil and coconut, green superfoods and raw dairy.

Which foods are acidic? Acid-forming foods include animal proteins, processed and hydrogenated fats, alcohol, pasteurized cow dairy, acidic caffeine from coffee and black tea, refined/processed grains & carbohydrates, and processed sugars

How the body handles too much acidity: One tactic is for the body to produce fat cells, which absorb the acid and neutralize it.  The unfortunate result creates many unwanted fat cells roaming the body.  These cells eventually will lose their respective +/- charges, clump together, and move sluggishly, until they are stored in pockets.  This creates excess body fat and lowered energy. 

The veins and arteries are defenseless culprits of acidic blood.  They are the transport system for the blood to flow throughout the entire body.  If the blood running through a vein is highly acidic, a hole could be burned through the vein, allowing the acid to invade the rest of the body.  To prevent this, the veins and arteries create and form plaque surrounding the inside walls. Clogged veins and arteries are precursors to heart attacks, high blood pressure, and many other heart-degenerative diseases.

There are 3 important steps one can take to reverse the acidic state: 

1. Cleanse the body of toxins that have developed and taken residence over the years.  Regularly following a 3-5 day juice cleanse or occasionally fasting for a day, helps to alkalize the body and restore balance. Also drinking Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea 2 times daily will help restore balance and add to your alkalinity. The AFA algae in Got Matcha’s Protein Meal is an excellent sources of antioxidants and minerals which help with alkalizing.  Matcha benefits specifically will help to cleanse the harmful and disruptive fat cells that have stored up in the body and help to clean out the arteries and colon.  

Keep in mind…all Matcha is not created equal! Only true organic ceremonial matcha and only the top 8 leaves of the matcha bush, contain the right amount of EGCG to truly help make a difference on your health and metabolism. Got Matcha’s Premium quality Ceremonial Matcha (the top 6,7 and 8 leaves) is one of the highest foods in the world in antioxidants! Our black label Matcha (leaves 1, 2 and 3) contains the highest EGCG antioxidant levels of anything we have seen tested on the market. 1 serving of our Ceremonial Black Label Matcha contains roughly 180mg/2g (1 tsp serving size) of EGCG. Just for reference, the average EGCG levels in Matcha on the market, range from 17mg-50mg.

2. Identify choices to create a target balance of 65%-80% alkaline-forming food; 20%-35% acidic foods. I am not saying that you can't eat meat to be healthy but the average American diet tends to be over 50% animal-based which in the long run is too much acidity. Half of every meal should include fresh foods not just meat, dairy and potatoes!

3. Alkaline until 10 – The body wants to cleanse from early in the morning until about 10 so alkaline foods and drinks are best while avoiding processed foods and grains and pastuerized dairy. Also alkaline foods before 10am help to set the metabolism for the day. I always suggest that if you must have coffee have it later and an alkaline matcha latte or shake is the best way to start your day!

Last tip…The key to resetting your metabolism and experiencing all of the amazing benefits of Matcha is consistency. If you drink Matcha only a couple times a week, then don’t be surprised when nothing really changes for you. The scientific studies and my experience of 26 years with Matcha, have proven that you have to drink it every day, at least 1-2 times per day. Serving size is 1-2g and 2g is a teaspoon, so 1-2 teaspoons daily, every day!!