Matcha Research

We are constantly tracking on the latest research being done on both green tea and more specifically, Matcha benefits.

More and more the scientific community is becoming aware of the incredible benefits of matcha green tea, and this awareness is spanning across generational levels; from old to young as the public becomes more health conscious and "pro-active". The consumption of matcha green tea lattes is constantly growing!

Here are a few of our research links. We will be continually adding to this.

Matcha lowers LDL Cholesterol… 

Matcha has anti-plaque effect:

Theanine and Cortisol and reducing stress:

Weight loss and reduced BMI with green tea (Matcha):

Improves cognitive function:

Preventing influenza:  &

Cardiovascular disease:

Preventing cold/flu:

With so much amazing support for matcha tea benefits, drinking your daily matcha green tea latte should become part of your daily healthy lifestyle!