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Matcha and Medicinal mushrooms along with healthy energizing drinks are becoming very popular and are flooding the market. We have seen numerous medicinal mushroom-fueled products on the market claiming to be the best. Just because they sell a powdered mushroom (which is often timeslab-grown  mixed with oats and fillers or an extract powder simply created from alcohol and/or water) combined with coffee or black tea and a maybe a few spices, doesn’t mean you are getting the best nutrition and product! Like the Ceremonial Matcha we source, it is all about the story…where do the mushrooms and ingredients that we use come from, how they are grown and our unique proprietary blend of most of the top superfoods available in nature today It is crucial to know the story behind every ingredient. Our Matcha comes from an organic farm in Kirishima rich in volcanic soil; Our Chaga is grown in Alaska wild on Birch Trees, the way nature intended. Nothing we source is lab-grown! 

It is our unique combination of Black Label Ceremonial Matcha and Wild Chaga, lions mane and Cordyceps mushroom that sets these powerful adaptogenic products apart from anything on the market. The synergy of these powerful superfoods yields the healthiest, most energizing wellness drink unlike any other. Not only are Matcha and Chaga mushroom the most powerful adaptogens on the planet but they provide the body with a long-term focused energy that alkalizes the body and restores balance internally. Matcha and chaga is truly a match made in heaven!
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