Matchaga & Raw Earth
Got Matcha's latest entry into the synergy of medicinal mushrooms & ceremonial matcha.


Medicinal mushrooms along with healthy energizing drinks are becoming very popular and are flooding the market. We have seen numerous medicinal mushroom-fueled products on the market claiming to be the best. Just because they sell a powdered mushroom (which is often times mixed with oats and fillers or an extract powder simply created from alcohol and/or water) combined with coffee or black tea and a maybe a few spices, doesn’t mean you are getting the best nutrition and product! Like the matcha we source, it is all about the story…where do the mushrooms and ingredients that we use come from, how they are grown and our unique proprietary blend of most of the top superfoods available in nature today.


With the increasing popularity of Chaga and medicinal mushrooms, one of the biggest concerns is that the market is constantly flooded with new companies jumping on the bandwagon to get a piece of the Medicinal mushroom market. Unfortunately, there are no real regulations for medicinal mushroom companies to comply with when it comes to how their Chaga and mushrooms are grown, marketed and sold. This is very unfortunate because all Chaga and medicinal mushrooms are NOT the same! Every step from the harvesting region, to how the mushroom is grown, the extraction process, nutritional profile and even the very specifically tested ingredients combined with the mushrooms, all affect the quality and experience of the mushrooms. 


We source our Chaga from Chagit who gets their Chaga from the forests of Alaska from the Birch Tree, the way nature intended. The other medicinal mushrooms that we source are grown in Oregon, sustainably. How many times have we heard consumers complain that they didn’t notice a huge difference when taking medicinal mushrooms grown from inferior sources grown on oats in a plastic bag or lab! We know that food is as healthy as the soil it grows in and the source is key. Wild grown in nature is truly how mushrooms grow and become so nutrient-dense. As with our matcha, the story of every ingredient is essential to quality and experience! All medicinal mushrooms have a story and that is what is most important to understand. 

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