Current Matcha Analysis

All of Got Matcha's Certified Organic Ceremonial Matcha is regularly tested

for Metals, Pesticides & Contaminates




100% ORGANIC and LAB TESTED: Every batch is tested for the highest nutrition profile, including high Theanine content. Many Matcha Manufacturers don’t send their matcha products for lab testing because of high test fees. Every batch of our Matcha is tested for heavy metals and pesticides, and  every test passes with flying colors…the contaminants are non-detectable. 

Harvest: Our matcha leaves are harvested only once a year, and only the top 3 leaves are pulled for our specially made batches. In comparison, most matcha crops are over-harvested,  diluting the nutrient content and diminishing the flavor profile. It is very common for companies to harvest a crop 6-8 times a year; while our tea farm harvests only 1-2 times per year. With less harvesting comes a stronger and more potent matcha tea leaf; much more nutrient dense. And this is where Got Matcha's difference really begins.

DIRECT RELATIONSHIP WITH THE MATCHA FARMER: Matcha absorbs everything in the soil which is why we carefully select the best farmer and region (s) for a soil that is organic, tended properly and given the utmost care and focus! Our Matcha is grown in Organic Volcanic Soil, found in the region of Kagoshima at the base of the Sakurajima Volcano in Japan. Our matcha farmer is 4th generation, top soil master and best reputation in all of Japan!

What makes our Black Label Ceremonial Matcha so spectacular and superior…

Top 3 leaves: Our high ceremonial black label Matcha is a vivid electric green and tastes sweet and almost creamy. We use only the top 3 leaves compared to other Matcha products which use the middle and even bottom of the plant. For reference, The Matcha plant is fairly tall, about 3 feet, so it contains obviously hundreds of leaves. Traditional Ceremonial Matcha is the top 7-8 leaves and Got Matcha has the only source for the top 2-3 leaves, thus the black label Matcha. Most companies use low quality leaves which are much cheaper, bitter, contain little to no L-Theanine and less EGCG. Bitterness also indicates low L-Theanine content!

L-Theanine and EGCG Content: Our black label Matcha contains the highest L-Theanine content and EGCG antioxidant levels of anything we have seen tested on the market. 1 serving of our black label contains 80-110mg/2gm (1 tsp serving size) of Theanine and roughly 180mg/2g (1 tsp serving size) of EGCG. These levels are the highest in any competing Matcha. Theanine is an amazing amino acid which stimulates the brain and helps with Attention, Focus and Mental clarity. EGCG is a powerful compound that reduces inflammation, aids weight loss and prevents certain chronic diseases.  Overall our L-Theanine content is 3x to 4x higher than any other matcha on the market.

View below latest test results: 06/01/23


Nutritional Analysis

Certified Organic Ceremonial Matcha - Black Label