Our Mission


Our Mission


Around 20 years ago we made the discovery that we could control our health to a great degree through our diet. We also understood that as human beings, we were a unique and complex creation.  Our health and wellness is often affected by numerous issues;  the food we eat, the stress we carry, our personal viewpoint on life, and our general attitude.  We saw the path that so many go down in our culture, one of unawareness and sickness.  That is when we decided that this was not going to be our choice.  

In our path of discovery we found Matcha, the ceremonial green tea of Japan.  This was around 18 years ago that we stumbled upon it, through our daughter, Rebekah, who was completing her Holistic Nutritionist training. We began to experience the incredible health benefits from drinking this humble little tea, and saw another small piece of the puzzle come together. What has followed has been an incredible journey into health and wellness, and Matcha has been with us all of the way.

Over the years the cost for organic Matcha continued to rise and was very much over-priced. The quality was not that great either! This sparked something in us … find the best quality organic Matcha and make it affordable so that everyone could experience it's amazing health benefits.

We began searching for the finest organic Matcha we could find. What we discovered was high in the mountains of Japan … organic Matcha fields pristine and untouched by pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

This was really only the beginning for us.  The next step was to find a way to reach people on a large scale.  Groupon and Google provided some of that platform for us.  Whole Foods and other health distribution outlets are now fueling a new channel for us as well.

Although Matcha has been around for well over 1,000 years, we have found that few of the American public are yet aware that Matcha even exists.  

As we have contacted Health stores around the country, we still find very few who are aware of Matcha, the true ceremonial green tea of Japan.

Dr. Oz has helped push Matcha down the path for many when he discovered it for himself a couple of years back.  He is often quoted as saying that if there was only one thing he could change in his diet, that one thing would be to add Matcha to his daily regimen.

Our mission became clear to us;  empower and educate our customers, reach out and bring Matcha to the marketplace and with it the education and understanding of what a great gift this tea is.

As we began this daunting task along the way we decided to create some remarkable organic Matcha Blends. Blends that would reach many who do not like the grassy sweet taste of Matcha, or who are looking for an amazing healthy Chai tea.  Or Mint Tea, or Lemon Ginger Tea and so on.   We ended up designing and creating 8 amazing Matcha Blends. 

We are truly blessed to be able to bring you these great organic Matcha teas at the most affordable price.

We are a family-owned business, and everyone at Got Matcha has the same drive; to deliver the best quality, price and customer service possible. Here is to your health!

Lou, Judy & Rebekah Kjos
& The Staff at Got Matcha