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 Matcha-Chaga Protein Meal 


Our Signature Plant-based Protein Meal is the most unique blend of proteins and superfoods anywhere!  An extracted protein that has been overly processed, heated and combined with sugar can have an acidic effect on the body. Hence the protein grams in a product are not what matters, it is the source of protein and how your system absorbs it.

In the morning the body is ready for alkalizing nutrition to keep the body satiated and the mind focused and clear throughout the day. Keep in mind that the body wants to cleanse and detox between 4am and 10am. In order to help this process we need to put in the most natural alkaline foods that are easily digested and absorbed. 

Fuel your energy, improve your endurance, boost your immune system, and accelerate your healing process. Our Matcha Chaga Protein meal is the perfect whole-food complete meal. Loaded with compounds and nutrients from Matcha, Chaga, Sacha Inchi, Pumpkin Seed and AFA Algae, this product is your safety-net for the essential nutrients needed to get you through the day.. The winning combo of whole food protein, Chaga, algae and Matcha, will keep you performing at the highest level!  

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