Matcha and the Tree of Life

 Matcha & the Tree of there a connection?


That is a great question.  If we source back so many aspects of our cultural heritage or genealogy we find that the roots go way, way back. The same would apply to plant ancestry, except we probably do not have the technology at this point to source nature that far back. 

This question is at the forefront of our thinking because we have both seen and experienced the incredible benefits of such a unique plant that comprises our Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea.

An immediate concept of the “Tree of Life” is that which gives life.  Pretty simple.  Of course it is much more complex than that.  The Matcha Green Tea Plant, in many ways, mirrors this “tree of life”, for this plant carries with it a host of benefits we are still only learning about.

We have noticed over time a growing awareness globally concerning preventive medicine:  the art of caring for your body before you are forced to.   There are many fascinating and tremendously healing plants and herbs within nature, but to see so many benefits wrapped up in such a small, and humble, little plant continues to amaze us.

Within the pages of both of our books, “The Matcha Explosion” and “Matcha, the Key to Natural Weight Loss”, we have explored some of the many known benefits of Matcha Green Tea,  To date research continues concerning the green tea plant and I am confident over time we will discover many more matcha benefits  - not just “green tea” - but Matcha, the whole plant “tencha” version of green tea.

Matcha was first brought over to Japan in the 1100’s by a monk named Esai, a 12th century Zen monk.  It was during this time that the Chinese were branching into other tea cultivations and this little green tea plant was sidelined.  Esai, having both experienced and seen the benefits of this tea, brought it over to mainland Japan....and thus begins the real story of Matcha.

Esai the Monk was quoted as saying,

“A medicine is for one disease only, but green tea is a kind of panacea that can prevent and treat all sorts of ailments.”  Esai called Matcha, “the Elixir of the Ancients”, and so it was.

When you think about a tree it has many roots which all need to be healthy in order for the tree to not only survive but grow and flourish. You could say that the soil and roots are at the core of a tree's health and well being. We are very similar; the external body reflects directly the health of our body inside. All of the parts need to be working optimally in order for the body to grow and flourish. The "soil" that helps to fuel the body is directly affected by what we put in our body. Water is to a tree as powerful superfoods are to our health.

Nature has provided multiple superfoods meant to aid and heal the body because the basic 5 food groups are just not enough. We need the rich antioxidants, chlorophyll and minerals found in green superfoods such as Matcha. Once Matcha is absorbed into the body it creates healthy "soil" which the entire body can thrive on! Once Matcha has absorbed into the blood stream it is sent throughout the entire body; healing and empowering the body on many levels. 

As we mention on page 18 of “The Matcha Explosion”, all green teas are not created equal, and organic Matcha is vastly different from non-organic Matcha.

What are some of the known benefits of Matcha?

You may know many of them, but they include and are not limited to:

  • Longevity
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Improved Memory
  • Help in ADD and other Neurological conditions
  • Lower blood pressure and hypertension
  • Improved focus and overall clarity and well being
  • Extended energy and endurance, without the negative affects associated with coffee and caffeinated beverage drinks. Matcha is truly the healthiest energy drink and best alternative to coffee!
  • Weight loss management
  • And the list goes on.

The Samurai warriors in the 12th century consumed Matcha before going into battle, for the sustained energy it gave them.  The 12th century monks drank the tea for the benefits of clarity and focus prior to their meditation times.  Matcha indeed has a rich herirtage.

On page 30 of “The Matcha Explosion” you can read even more about the inherent aspects of Matcha benefits.

Matcha & Heavy Metal Contamination: Is there a concern?

There is a valid concern over Matcha potentially carrying heavy metal contamination.  The real issue centers on the high levels of flouride found in some Matcha grown in countries such as China, India or Korea. 

Concerning the Flouride Levels in Non-Organic Matcha:

The average person consumes a dangerous amount of flouride because it is added to water, toothpaste and even cosmetics. What makes this type of flouride dangerous is that is is man-made (sodium flouride) that is unnatural and is actually a "chemical by-product of aluminum, steel, cement, phosphate, and nuclear weapons manufacturing. Flouride that exists in nature in very tiny amounts is not harmful, but the concern with many teas is that they can be too high in flouride.

High levels of flouride in Matcha centers around where Matcha is grown.  Matcha grown in the organic fields high in the mountains of Japan is far superior to non-organic Matcha, or Matcha grown in these other countries, because heavy metal contaminants, such as fluoride, are almost non-existent. If you purchase Matcha grown in China, India or Korea, concerning levels of fluoride can be found in the Matcha which can be toxic. 

A simple way that Matcha assists the body in weight loss & managment:

When you drink Matcha you are actually stimulating your digestive juices.  Matcha encourages digestion to happen quicker and more efficiently, and Matcha helps to break down fats in your system.  We recommend drinking Matcha green tea lattes between meals for you will find that your meals will digest quicker, even though you may have eaten a heavy meal with something fried - it won’t sit in your stomach long.  The quicker and easier food digests the better you feel, the less fat gets stored, the more energy and endurance you have and the easier it becomes to maintain your optimum weight.

Starting the New Year with Matcha is one of the best resolutions anyone can make...ideally 1-2 matcha green tea lattes daily!  Taking control of your health and empowering your body with Matcha truly gives you a better quality of life and ties you back into the roots of one of the most healthy plants in the world today.