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 A TRUE Ceremonial Matcha blend is only the top 6-7 leaves of the matcha plant. The definition of Ceremonial Grade Matcha in the Japanese tea industry states that it MUST be made with shade-grown, first harvest tea leaves, and be at least the top 8 leaves (there are hundreds of matcha leaves on a 3 ft. tall bush). The lower and closer to the ground, the less L-Theanine, EGCG and nutrients the matcha leaf contains. In fact, the L-Theanine is almost undetectable once you go below the top 8 matcha leaves. Our ceremonial matcha blend is the top 6-7 leaves which guarantees true ceremonial quality of L-Theanine and EGCG antioxidants. Those nutrients are the key to the potency and effectiveness of matcha plus the green color will always be more vibrant and the taste more sweet!

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