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NEW HARVEST! Organic MATCHA Ceremonial Green Tea 80 Grams

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What Makes Our Organic Ceremonial Matcha So Unique?  
The soil is only part of the story... 


Unfortunately, there are no real regulations for matcha companies to comply with when it comes to selling their matcha products and claiming ceremonial. This is very unfortunate because all matcha is NOT the same! Every step from the harvesting region, to how the matcha is grown, the leaves used for blending, nutrition testing and even storage all affect the quality and experience of matcha. This is why it is so key for the consumer to be educated about what makes the BEST CEREMONIAL matcha; what qualities to look for and what to avoid. Here at Got Matcha we have done the research and made the relationship with our farmer and now bring you the most amazing high quality ceremonial matcha on the planet! 

The definition of Ceremonial Grade Matcha in the Japanese tea industry states that it MUST be made with shade-grown, first harvest tea leaves. This process of shade-growing for the last 3-4 weeks of harvest takes a lot more time and work for our matcha farmer but creates the only true ceremonial matcha! 

TRUE Ceremonial Matcha blend is only the top 6-7 leaves of the matcha plant. The average matcha bush is about 3 feet high which means there are hundreds of matcha leaves on the plant. The lower and closer to the ground, the less L-Theanine, EGCG and nutrients the matcha leaf contains. In fact, the L-Theanine is almost undetectable once you go below the top 8 matcha leaves. Culinary Matcha which is used at most cafes and sold by many matcha companies in a tin or bag is actually the bottom leaves of the bush and contains no L-Theanine! Our ceremonial matcha blend is the top 6-7 leaves which guarantees true ceremonial quality of L-Theanine and EGCG. Those nutrients are the key to the potency and effectiveness of matcha.


Our Ceremonial matcha is grown in rich, nutrient-dense, volcanic soil, grown by a 4th generation matcha farmer and the top soil expert in Japan. In summer, our organic farm thrives with insects and bugs like spiders, ladybugs and praying mantis, a‖ helping out as `natural pesticides' in getting rid of harmful insects. The presence of these beneficial insects is a solid proof of the absence of pesticides on our farm. 

Our Matcha farm located in Kirishima is grown at a high elevation of 5,600 ft., the optimal height so that the thick mist associated with this high elevation acts as a natural shade to the matcha plants, enhancing the production of L-Theanine content. Plus the drastic change in the day and night temperature enables the plants to produce an exceptionally sweet and flavorful tea.

Our L-Theanine content per serving is about 25mg (ranges from 24-30mg depending on the harvest, it always varies a bit). If a brand claims to have ceremonial matcha there needs to be at least 20mg of L-Theanine otherwise it would not be truly Ceremonial! Plus the EGCG content is about 126mg per serving compared to most ceremonial matcha brands on the market containing anywhere from 20-65m!

Bottom line is you need to know in detail the story behind your matcha. We here at Got Matcha has done the research and work for you and have an incredible relationship with the top matcha farmer in Japan and together we bring you the top TRULY CEREMONIAL MATCHA!!



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