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I drink your matcha tea every morning for health reasons, but slightly different ones than many.  I have an auto-immune disorder that elevates the levels of TNF-a in my blood - which causes widespread inflammation.  When the inflammation gets high enough, I come out of remission and become very, very sick.  Matcha tea is a very powerful TNF-a inhibitor. Many people suffering from autoimmune diseases with elevated TNF-a (ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, to name just a few) could use matcha tea to extend their remission time.  I’m not sure if you could ever point to white papers which discuss this in your advertising, but I have found matcha tea to be very effective in keeping me well, and I’m sure more people would buy it if they only knew how they could benefit!   Thank you for making it affordable!
Funny story...I just recently got my membership setup on your new site, Got Matcha. I'm a big green tea fan, but I had never had matcha green tea until this past Christmas when my wife got me the Groupon to try your matcha tea. I'm completely addicted to matcha green tea now! I like the flavored teas you have, I tried the Mocha & Chai teas, but I prefer the regular matcha in almond milk. To be honest, I've been researching matcha non-stop for about 3 weeks trying to find somewhere else to buy good quality matcha tea cheaper than GotMatcha.com...but I can't find anything comparable at or around the same price! That's why I was emailing you now since it appeared you had a good quality tea and was claiming to have a great price. I can find plenty of lower quality versions at a much cheaper price, but I'd rather have higher quality. Your matcha green tea isn't bitter AT ALL. I've always had my steeped green tea without sweetner and was fine with the bitter after-taste, but your matcha is not bitter which I absolutely love. It's very smooth. So long story short...I love your tea and I can't find anything comparable for a better price. I think I'm done researching for other matcha prices because I'm not getting anywhere LOL. - Dave B.
"I just wanted to let you know the tea showed up this week and I wanted to thank you for your help. I love Matcha tea. It has helped me so much. I have Crohn's Disease and over the years I have been seeing a naturopathic doctor and with herbs and diet I have been healthy and medication free for 6 years, but there was one sympton that I could not "cure" and Matcha tea has been able to control this symptom for me. I have been trying a few different flavors and just love them too!" - MM
"Can't wait to try the Mint. Love your Matcha tea. My hubby and I drink it every morning as a latte!" - CS, Canada
"Amazing customer service, delicious tea. What more could you ask for?" A.M, Canada
"I would like you to know that Got Matcha has the best customer service. You guys are always friendly, prompt, with replies, honest, and very helpful. Thank you!" - Jayde, Canada

"I want to say that I ordered your tea and I really love it...especially the Chai! I just ordered a sample of the Pumpkin Spice and Cocao and I know I will love those too. Thanks for such a great product!"
Pam, Canada

I love your tea! You have yourself a life-long tea drinker here!
JS – Oregon

"I would like to personally express my appreciation of your products. I am in a profession in which I work LONG, painful hours containing hard labor and not a lot of time for breaks. To have something as easy as a beverage to provide me with energy and health benefits, while being able to trust the source makes a huge difference. Thank you!"
Amy, Canada

"Loving my Matcha and Matcha Chai! I haven't had a soda in over a month. I can resist cravings - even Halloween candy! I have been eating better and all together feel so much better - with energy. :) And I have lost over 10 pounds!! Please send me more...you have helped make my life much better, and healthier!"
Kari - Oklahoma

"I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying the matcha tea I ordered from your website! Not only was it easy to order, but the tea showed up quickly. I've only been drinking it for just under a week now, but I am already addicted and have already placed an order through your site for more to share with some of my friends and family! The quality is impeccable, and I can't believe the boost of energy I get from it! I have a nice big cup in the morning before work, and then make a simple smoothie with matcha and frozen mango in the afternoon and I feel like I can get through my day. I originally bought the matcha because I've had matcha tea before (though none quite this good!) and really liked the taste, but was skeptical of the claims that it would provide energy without the usual caffiene crash, and yet it does just that! Thanks again for a wonderful product at a price I can actually afford."
L. Zabel Edmonds, WA

I just wanted to say that I purchased two deals with you guys and I absolutely love the product! I got a fantastic deal and I drink matcha every day. Your website and ordering instructions are so straight forward and fool proof. Thank you so much for making such an awesome website and even better product! :) 
LB Canada

"If you have read any of my previous blogs and articles then you probably know how much I adore and even revere Matcha green tea! I have been buying my matcha from a tea company called GotMatcha.com that has the best tasting matcha that I have found and it is certified organic. If you have not tried pure Matcha green tea yet then I highly recommend it. It is the most amazing source of energy and mental clarity!  I find it interesting that when I recommend to my clients to buy Matcha green tea they have the hardest time finding it. Only a few stores sell it and most charge exorbitant prices. I get excited when I find a new product or company that I love and want to share it with everyone. At the very least try drinking a couple cups of Matcha tea in the afternoon when you get that sleepy lull and see how you feel. I am drinking some right now as I type. To be honest, without my afternoon matcha/green superfood drink it would be difficult to research and write while my son takes a nap." 
R W, Oregon

"As someone who spends most of her day seated in an office, I'm susceptible to that "2:30 feeling." For a while I drank coffee, but it really messed with my stomach. I switched to tea, tried a variety of options, but felt my energy lacking. I tried GotMatcha's Matcha and their proprietary blend called Matcha Chai tea and it was like magic. It not only helps you stay awake like coffee might, I find it gives me a healthy boost of energy and motivation that is unlike any energy drink or caffeinated beverage I've tried. When I need to focus and get some good work done, I sip my mug of GotMatcha's Matcha-Chai green tea and proceed with confidence. And it's delicious! No coffee jitters, no stomach issues; just pure, targeted energy."
A. Anderson, Washington, DC

"I am type 2 diabetic, and I often eat the exact same breakfast because the mornings are when I have the most problems and I like to see how different things, especially exercise, can help bring my blood sugar down in the morning. So, finally after tweaking my medication and exercise after eating my "control" breakfast, I was able to keep it under 150, although I would have liked it lower like it is later in the day. Well, after I started drinking your matcha tea with my "control" breakfast, even without exercising, it is closer to 100. I think that is objective proof that for me, at least one of the health benefits of matcha tea are true. Now THAT is truly a blessing"
L.M. Pennsylvania

"We found ordering our Matcha green tea was quick and easy ordering through the website. Shipping was fast. And the tea is wonderful. A real energy boost with no after effect like the letdown of coffee. We have found ways to make it quite delicious and we will continue to use this product for a real pick-me-up and, for it's health benefits."
B.D. San Diego, CA

"The health benefits of Matcha certainly extend far beyond just sustained energy. Matcha Tea has helped me gain control over my challenges with Attention Deficit Disorder. I have repeatedly experienced struggle in activities, such as school, that require concentrated focus. Every time I sit down to study I am overcome with hundreds of unrelated thoughts. These distracting thoughts crowd my attention and keep me from successfully completing my work. I now use Matcha Tea to strengthen the best of my ability by applying it as a potent alleviant to ADD. Before Matcha I would load up on coffee or red bull as a way to offset my common ADD struggles. Now I just enjoy a Matcha Chai Latte or Matcha Coacoa Latte before settling down to hit the books. I find my focus and concentration easier to regulate and have not once experienced any jittery side effects or caffeine crashes. It has been my choice to find ways to manage my ADD without using prescriptive drugs. My ADD is not so disruptive that I require medication, however I am distracted often enough that I have sought out other forms of regulation. Such regulators include caffeine, meditation, exercise, and many more. I have now managed to integrate Matcha Tea as a part of my regular routines, both professional and personal."
K.S. Thousand Oaks, CA

"Love your tea! The regular is so good and the chai is a huge treat. I've been able to quit drinking coffee so easily just by switching to matcha. Thanks!!!"
Kristen, NY

"This is great. I am still enjoying my first packet of original matcha tea--i just LOVE it. And I have already reordered and ordered the whisk and spoon as well. Can't wait for the ceremonial bowls to be available because i definitely want one. And thanks so much for now having access to a nutritionist--that is great!! Warm regards."
Melissa, CA

"Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the chai matcha!! My afternoon relaxing time I look forward to now!! I will be ordering more soon. And your tea arrived so promptly. Very impressed by everything so far."
Donna, LA

"I started using it a month ago and love it!!! I have never had so much energy, especially at this time of year! I have never been a morning person, but with a teaspoon of the ceremonial matcha in my morning shake, I am very much a morning person!!! It is a product I truly believe in."
FN Canada

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