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My first taste of a GotMatcha Protein Energy Bar was love at first bite. Forget the fact that it is organic, vegan, rich in omegas or is gluten and soy free. This moist, mouth-watering cacao bar is so delicious that it brings a totally new meaning to protein bars. After eating just one bar my hunger was gone, my cravings vanished and they were replaced with a sense of total satisfaction. If this wasn’t enough then the really remarkable effect of the rare Japanese matcha began to surface bringing a clarity of thought, a sense of well-being and boundless good energy. Now I eat a GotMatcha protein bar every day and my calorie intake has diminished while my productivity has increased. 

Arthur von Wiesenberger,
Nipper's Table Talk TV & Radio Program


"I'm absolutely obssesed with the protein bar, I usually use it as a meal replacement when I get too busy to pack myself a lunch and it keeps me full as well as tasting great. It honestly fills me for the afternoon and gives me enough energy to stay active on my feet and taking care of 25 4yearolds.
Matcha is my new addiction thanks to GOT MATCHA and Rebekah. I honestly used to always come home after work and hardly have enough energy to even make myself dinner. When I have matcha through out the day I come home and have the energy and motivation to make myself a good dinner and even go workout. Matcha just lifts your energy and leaves you without any drag or crash later:)! "
-Jordan, Santa Barbara, CA.
"Delicious, healthy, guilt-free satisfaction on the go...These bars are amazing! " 
- D.D., Santa Barbara , CA.
"The Got Matcha bar has seriously raised the bar. So many raw food bars are a bit too complicated for me - this one goes down easy, sustains and energizes me. Love it! It also seems that the more I eat them, the more I crave other clean, healthy food, and yet I still feel treated. It's the best of all worlds! Thanks, Got Matcha! 
-Sarah, Montecito Naturals
"Perfect for on-the-go professionals!
Energized me while helping me cut my sugar craving - so delicious and conveniently ziplock packaged.
-Vicki - Massage Therapist
Do you remember how you feel when your blood sugar level drops and you feel light headed or you are hungry? The Got Matcha Protein Bar deliciously balances ones blood sugar level infusing one with vibrant energy without a synthetic aftertaste.  I had tried protein bars for years and had long since stopped eating them because I didn't like the processed taste and dulling effect after eating them. The Got Matcha Protein Bar is the first protein bar I have ever tried which has raw and pure ingredients, is delicious and gives me a feeling of restored vibrant energy. I am grateful to the Got Matcha Family. Thank you!
-Alex, New York City
As a gourmet food shop owner in Santa Barbara, my customers are always looking for the best healthy snack to satisfy both their healthy dietary lifestyle AND their sweet tooth. Since the introduction of the Got Matcha Superfood Bar, their choice has been easy! And as a Registered Dietitian, I can feel great about encouraging a whole foods bar that is made with the perfect blend of macronutrients and potent superfoods, especially one that provides an entire serving of Organic Matcha! Not to mention it is low-glycemic and high-fiber. What doesn't this bar offer? 
-Amy Isabella Chalker, RD
Owner, Isabella Gourmet Foods
"I Love the Got Matcha Superfood Protein Bars! They taste delicious and are very satisfying.  I feel energized for hours after!"
Santa Barbara, CA