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Our Matcha blends were inspired by the idea that every tastebud and palate can enjoy and partake in Ceremonial Matcha. True, Got Matcha has the sweetest and tastiest matcha on the planet, but not everyone loves the flavor of matcha as much as we do. Thus the inspiration to create a flavor blend for everyone has driven us to develop some very unique and exceptional spice and flavor combinations including profiles such as Chai, Mint, Cacao, Apple, Pumpkin, Lemon Ginger and many more….Every ingredient in each blend has a specific healing purpose, with the benefit of fresh and delicious flavor! Each Match blend creates a healing synergy where every herb works at its best potential for the body.

The spices and ingredients that we use are whole foods and not one extract or flavoring compound is ever used! We have searched the globe and carefully selected the top most powerful and nutrient-dense superfoods and spices from organic farms following sustainable practices.We incorporate spices such as whole cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, peppermint, Lucuma, ginger, lemon, berries, cacao and much more. These Matcha fusions are truly the tastiest and healthiest blends, incorporating  Truly a synergy of powerful superfoods, flavors and ingredients that help bring sustained energy, enhanced focus, clarity and digestion, along with the numerous health benefits. 

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