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For over 15 years we have enjoyed the benefits of Matcha green tea lattes...

years before Starbucks or other commercial vendors discovered it. As much as we have enjoyed Matcha, and still do, we equally enjoyed a good chai tea latte on those wintry evenings. But chai – traditional chai – is made from black tea (not organic), spices (non-organic, often irradiated, or just extracts) and white sugar. Ugh! We just couldn't do it.

"I love every tea that I have tried! The original green tea matcha, the chai matcha, the pumpkin spice matcha (and I don't like pumpkin anything!) and the matcha cacao. I love it all! My boyfriend, who really doesn't like anything other than beer, is also now a huge fan. I never thought I would see him whip up a Matcha Chai Latte instead of cracking open a can of beer!. The Matcha Chai Latte is so much better than Starbucks, or any other one I have ever tried. It's perfectly spicey and delicious. The only problem is that, eventually, it disappears. But with the free shipping for members and the speed of delivery, it's not an issue for long. Thank you Got Matcha for introducing me and my family to our favorite beverages." - KC - Canada

So we decided to create our own, healthy superfood Chai tea; Matcha Chai... you will never taste a more authentic delicious chai matcha green tea latte! Truly a synergy of powerful superfoods that help bring sustained endurance, enhanced focus and clarity, along with the numerous health benefits of matcha green tea and the finest herbs and spices that comprise our unique chai mixture.

In our quest to bring to the marketplace a truly healthy "chai" tea, we incorporated the finest organic spices - not extracts or essences - from all over the world, along with the finest organic Matcha green tea we could find. What was missing was the sweetening agent. And for this we turned to the nectar produced by the flower of the coconut palm tree, also known as Coconut Palm Sugar; truly a "wonder sugar" which has come to its time of recognition.

After months of testing various spices and sweeteners, and varying degrees of each, we landed upon our perfect blending for Matcha Chai - our ultimate chai matcha latte or even a chai iced green tea latte! Our Matcha Chai is also the start matcha ingredient in our Superstar Matcha Green tea smoothie listed in the recipe section of our website! 

Our story is not a long one; we love Matcha, and we love Chai tea lattes. We know the benefits of Matcha green tea, and the health benefits of the Chai spices are found in the Ayurvedic journals of India, attesting to their benefit. So, we struck a happy marriage; A merging of cultures in a fabulous matcha green tea latte, including:

1. Matcha from the orient
2. Chai spices from the east
3. Coconut nectar sugar to die for from the plantations of the south seas. 

The Roots and Benefits of Chai Spices…

The Chai spice mixture has its origins in the Ayurvedic traditions of India. This blend of spices including cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and many more which work together to provide many healing qualities to the body. Chai has been used for centuries as a healing tonic for numerous health ailments including constipation, colds and digestive disorders, and even kills bacteria and parasites in the body and even balances the blood sugar. 

How To Make a Chai Spice Matcha Green Tea Latte

There are many ways to make a good Matcha Latte, but here is our favorite…

1. We take a tall mug of hot or boiling 12-16 ounces – 1/4 filtered water and 3/4 almond milk or milk of choice
2. We add 1 heaping tablespoon of the Matcha Chai and stir.

That is all there is to it! Simple, quick and tasty. Where the Matcha can tend to clump a bit when mixing, with our Matcha Chai, the spices and the Coconut Sugar act as a perfect blending agent, so you have no problems with clumping.

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